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ASK Abby ASK Abby Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: Dear Abby, I am 53 and post-menopausal. I just purchased DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin to balance my hormones. Can they be taken together? Also, I've just been diagnosed with the early stages of osteoporosis and the doctor recommended Actonel. Is their anything you can recommend to replace the bone loss instead of Actonel? Margaret Dear Margaret, I always recommend "Myomin" along with DHEA and pregnenolone to prevent their potential conversion to estrogen. Take the DHEA and pregnenolone in the morning (no longer than two months). I don't recommend Actonel (it is an osteoclastic inhibitor) Instead I recommend a high quality bone building supplement. You may also want to get your hormonal levels checked as low progesterone and low testosterone cause bone loss. Vit D3 is also very important for calcium's transport into your bones. Dear Abby, A year ago my daughter (35 years old) had one half of her thyroid removed after a nonmalignant tumor was found. Since that time, she has been taking levothyroxine to regulate her TSH level. Although her doctor says her TSH level is normal, she is still experiencing cold hands and feet, depression, dry skin and insomnia among other symptoms. Paula Dear Paula, I don't think adequate treatment is provided when the TSH levels alone are considered. Your daughter needs a full thyroid panel, which includes testing Free T3, Reverse T3, TPO and thyroglobulin antibodies, as well as iodine and Vitamin D3 levels. Often heavy metal picked up in utero cause hypothyroidism and can be removed using "Metal Flush." Heavy metals are metalloestrogens that cause nodules and tumors to form in the thyroid. Dear Abby, Could you briefly explain why simple sugars or junk food, such as cookies and chips, makes me hungrier? When I eat these items, I eat more and never feel satisfied or full. I appreciate your time in answering my question. Teresa Hi Teresa, Empty carbs sabotage ones dietary control in the following 3 ways: They cause a short-term surge in blood sugar that increases insulin, which in turn causes the calories to store quickly and then leave you equally or even more hungry. Carbs lead to hypoglycemia and also deplete chromium. The lower the chromium level, the greater the cravings for the carbs and more carbs lead to lower chromium. Commercially available carbs have flavors enhancers in them that trick the taste buds and without sufficient protein, healthy fat and fiber, proper blood sugar levels are not sustained, so the body continues to quest to be properly nourished. A good whole food derived multivitamin and a blood sugar formula would be well worth investing in to lessen your desire for simple carbs. Dear Abby, I take progesterone cream, but my periods are irregular (they always have been). How do I know when to take a break from the cream for a few days? I enjoy the calmness I experience as a result of the cream and dread the days I have to stop. By the way, I am 37 years old. Thanks so much for your help. Clara Hi Clara, Take "Myomin" with your hormone- balancing program to prevent the progesterone from converting to estrone or estradiol. The correct way to use progesterone cream when you are menstruating is to count 12 days from the first day of your period. Then apply the cream am & pm for 14 days until you period starts. Then stop the cream for 11 days. The dosage varies from 1/8 tsp twice a day to ¼ tsp twice a day. This is where you need to listen to your body and find the amount that works for you. Page 6 | Abby's Magazine -

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