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Abby's Magazine - Volume 5 Issue 2| Page 17 No one can argue that healthy hormone levels have a posi ve effect on one's health. However, due to physical or environmental factors, it is some mes difficult to achieve and maintain a healthy hormone balance. Levels of reproduc ve hormones like estrogen, in par cular, can vary depending on your gender, age, or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) use. Understanding estrogen and how it relates to other reproduc ve hormones is key to achieving hormone balance and reducing disease-related risks. Estrogen has three main forms: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3). Estrone and estradiol are the most potent forms of estrogen and are considered to have a role in various diseases. Estriol is the weaker estrogen and is considered an -carcinogenic in the presence of E1 and E2, according to some studies. Professor Henry Lemon derived the Estrogen Quo ent (EQ), a formula that provides a guideline to keeping the right E1, E2 and E3 balance. It is defined as E3 divided by the sum of E1 and E2. By Tsu-Tsair Chi, PhD Achieve a Healthy Estrogen quotient with Myomin EQ = E3 / (E1+E2) An EQ over 1, therefore, signifies lower cancer risk. Because of E3's protec ve effect against cancer, ideally there needs to be more E3 than E1 and E2 combined. In the metabolism of steroid hormones, estrogen is synthesized through different pathways. Understanding these pathways can help you determine how or why your levels of estrone, estradiol or estriol (and other hormones, for that ma er) are deficient or elevated. This will also help you achieve a be er EQ. In Figure 1, the androgens androstenedione and testosterone are directly converted to estrone and estradiol, respec vely, through the aromatase enzyme. Other hormones like progesterone, cholesterol, pregnenolone or DHEA are indirectly converted to the different forms of estrogen. So what does this mean? Let's say you are on progesterone therapy, for example. Progesterone can go through different pathways and eventually end up being converted to estrone or estradiol. Myomin is a natural aromatase reducer that can reduce estradiol level. There are numerous case reports on men and women using Myomin to reduce their estradiol level and achieve healthy levels of other hormones such as progesterone and testosterone, with or without HRT, including Bioiden cal Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

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