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In my life I have experienced many types of people, types of churches and types of motorcycles. I have no ced, while not always true, a correla on of a tude that spreads across all three of these. Think about your perfect bike, this may tell you more about yourself than you realize. If your idea of the perfect bike is a beau ful, well designed, piece of two wheeled perfec on just as it came from the factory as God intended, you may be one who prefers a church that is more tradi onal, where all is familiar and surprises are kept to a minimum. You trust in the wisdom of those you may have never met who have been chosen to build your bike or church. If it works why change anything right? I mean everything fits, no customiza on needed, right. I find that people in this category strive for that "perfect life" yet o en over react to "scratches" that occur in life whether it is something that happens to us or just a scratch on the tank. I will have to admit, I have been in this category, believing perfec on should be a ainable and judging those who do not meet my "OEM standards." The problem is that God can't do a lot with those that are trying to be gods themselves. He didn't seek the religious leaders, He sought the sinners. The most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only bego en Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlas ng life" is part of a conversa on between Jesus and Nicodemus, who was a religious leader. Nicodemus was one of the few religious leaders that chose to really follow Jesus-Christ. Others followed tradi on. There is nothing wrong with a tradi onal church as long as they are truly loving the way Jesus loved. If this category is where you fit in, just lay down the perfec onism, and accept others where they are and love them as Jesus did, and while you are at it, you might change out those bars, or maybe a new seat, but be careful, once you start down that road you may love riding even more. The next category are people who love a beau ful new bike, but wear out their neck looking from the bike to the parts counter. These are the people who plan out their first 10 changes to a bike BEFORE they ever buy the bike! These people want to put a personal stamp on it. Most of them do not want to get into labor intensive customiza on, but for them, there are thousands of "bolt on parts" that can be used in a unique combina on that not only make the bike unique, but are a statement of who they are. These are people who know who they are and want to show the world. For them a church needs to "meet their needs." Churches for this category are ever more popular. The church I a end, Saddleback Church has currently 17 campuses all over the world and hundreds of ministries dedicated to whatever interest you may have. Want to fellowship with believers who like golf, this is the church for you; interested in some karate with your Bible study? It is here. Churches like this, are designed to help you use the gi s that God has given to you. Did you realize that God wants you to use your gi s for Him? When God was telling Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant, He told Moses of specific people He had gi ed to work on the project! I know some mechanics who have a gi that is given to them by God to bring a V-Twin to life. I have some friends that God has gi ed to build a bike that others can't . Wait! Does God really care about a bike or a mechanic? God knows the number of hairs on your head and He cares about what you care about. You cruise casually down the road yet He is involved in every explosion, in every cylinder, in every mile, that you ride. He loves you, not just everyone… He loves YOU! Yeah, you customize your bike, but He customized YOU. Let that sink in for a bit. The last category I will men on are the ones o en forgo en. These are the bikers who get customized, not with "bolt on parts" but with "fragments of life." These are the ones who have seen the worst of life, and yet are s ll riding. You see those bikes are full of scratches, dents and dings, and all of the "marks of victory" that have occurred on the road of life. You may find a fla ened n-can ac ng as a brake pedal, or a monkey wrench is now part of a linkage. These are the bikes o en known as "Rat- Bikes" and the people that ride them have experienced people at their worst, where their life has been incredibly hard. Amazingly, they o en don't look for comfort, but to get on a ride and comfort others. I cannot tell you how many people like this I know. Churches that reach out to this category are some of the most non-judgmental churches I have been to. One of my favorites is Roadhouse Biker Church in San Bernardino, California and the people that a end are people who love because of Christ and in spite of their past. Jesus said: "to whom is forgiven much, will love much" this is very true of these churches. So where are you at in your life? Maybe you don't go to a church and are afraid because you "don't think you will fit in". God has a place for you in His house. He has a place that only you can fill. Where is that place? I am not sure, but if you look closely at your bike, it will probably point you in the right direc on. Ride with des ny. Wind Therapy By: Dave "Road Sage" Dildine Choosing a church, should your bike lead the way? 6 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 34

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