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6 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 33 INTRODUCTION ROAD RAGE "Just Ride Away" ROAD RAGE "Just Ride Away" By Susan Handel, Esq. INTRODUCTION Road rage is a major concern of the American public and a real threat to the safety of all road users. Any unsafe driving behavior performed deliberately and with ill inten on or disregard for the safety of others can cons tute road rage. This includes, but is not limited to, cu ng people off, impac ng a vehicle with another, running someone off the road, shoo ng or physically assaul ng other drivers and/or passengers. At the very least, road rage is unpleasant. At its worst, road rage is deadly. Road rage is different for motorcyclists. If you are the ins gator, you will be in plain view because you are ROAD RAGE "Just Ride Away"

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