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12 BEST MOTORCYCLE ROADS IN AMERICA BY JOE BATRUNY 12 BEST MOTORCYCLE ROADS IN AMERICA PART 3 of 3 9. San Juan Skyway (Colorado) Having earned its place as an All-American Road, the San Juan Skyway is a scenic 233-mile route through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. The looping road brings riders through historic mining camps, ski resorts (including Telluride), and na onal parks. The San Juan Skyway requires care due to dropoffs, S-curves, and constant ascents and descents. Many ghost towns can be viewed from above as the road climbs to over 11,000 feet at the summit of Red Mountain Pass. The Million Dollar Highway sec on of the road is par cularly scenic — mountain goats, black bears, and mule deer can be spo ed amongst the waterfalls, gorges, and mountain peaks. 10. Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee) The Natchez Trace Parkway offers riders 444 miles of scenery and 10,000 years of North American history. The Natchez Trace footpath was originally traversed by Na ve Americans hun ng American bison. The two-lane parkway, which prohibits commercial traffic, has a speed limit of 50mph, and the journey typically spans two days but can be covered in one. Throughout the ride on the parkway, riders zoom past ghost towns, Spanish moss hanging from trees, and Civil War ba legrounds. 11. Going-to-the-Sun Road (Montana) The only road that cuts through Montana's Glacier Na onal Park, Going- to-the-Sun stretches approximately 50 miles. In 2014, the o en-snow- covered road wasn't scheduled to open in its en rety un l June 20th. It takes nearly 10 weeks to plow (and some mes must be plowed several mes). The ride lasts roughly two hours without stops, and five of Glacier Na onal Park's campgrounds are located along the road. 12. Tunnel of Trees (Michigan) A por on of Michigan's 27.5-mile M-119, the Tunnel of Trees (as the name suggests) is a scenic road surrounded by heavy foliage. The Tunnel of Trees notably lacks a centerline. It's popular in the autumn when the canopy changes colors, and openings in the trees provide for scenes of Lake Michigan. The area was once inhabited by the O awa Indians, as well as trappers, traders, and loggers. The Tunnel of Trees Scenic Heritage Route is a popular tourist a rac on in the area. 26 WheelsOfGrace.com Issue 33

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