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How times have changed. When I was a child the only screen we had in my house was the TV. Now screens are ubiquitous. It's becoming the norm to see children, even toddlers with laptops and tablets on their laps, or clutching on to smartphones. The kids are happy because they can play games, watch cartoons, surf the Internet, message their friends, and do their homework. Parents and grandparents are happy because it keeps the kids occupied so that they can get on with doing other things. But are these technologies safe… or are our children being exposed to potentially harmful EMF radiation from phones, tablets, and laptops? It May Be a "Laptop" but Keep it Off Your Kid's Lap The most dangerous aspect of using computers on laps are the electromagnetic field exposures (EMFs). Few people realize that all computers emit EMFs on many different frequencies. Magnetic fields and electric fields are always present. Radio frequency radiation or microwave radiation is increasingly present. If your child's laptop or tablet can connect to the Internet wirelessly, via WiFi or Bluetooth or other, then that means they are being exposed to microwave radiation. You might think that these exposures are very low power and therefore are perfectly safe… or aren't they? How to Protect Your Kids from Harmful EMF Radiation By Lloyd Burrell e Most Dangerous Aspect of Computers On Laps It is widely accepted that these radio frequency radiation microwave exposures are very low level. But studies are now telling us that these exposures have the potential to cause significant harm. These man-made exposures are quite unlike anything that exists in nature. And, because laptops, tablets and the like are used in such close proximity to the body, they are particularly dangerous. What's the Harm of EMF Radiation? These EMF exposures impact the body in a number of ways. Notably they are known to compromise cell membrane function, calcium and antioxidant balance, DNA, and blood brain barrier permeability. Here is a non-inclusive list of diseases linked to EMF exposures of the type given off by tablets and laptops: • Cancer • Brain tumors • Cardiovascular disease • Diabetes • Suicide • Multiple Sclerosis Abby's Magazine - Volume 4 Issue 5 | Page 53

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