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Page 28| Abby's Magazine - Get rid of Wi-Fi and go back to corded networks. Anything digital or wireless is going to emit a higher level EMF than a device that is plugged in. Use your smart phone wisely. Use a speakerphone or a hands- free kit with a wireless air tube to keep the phone away from your head. Purge electronics from your bedroom. This will maximize the restora ve benefits of your sleep and eliminate damage from EMFs. 8 Easy Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure The EMF Help Center (em is a program to accelerate understanding and control of harmful electromagne c radia on by presen ng simplified, but effec ve, solu ons to monitoring and reducing EMF exposures in our living spaces. Jerry Day explains the services and products offered and provided by the website EMFhelpcenter. com. Checkout this website to see his video guide to a streamlined and accessible way to become the master of your harmful EMF and radio frequency exposures. You may not no ce right away, but was designed to save you a lot of me researching and a lot of money for unnecessary equipment if you are interested in scanning your living environments for harmful electromagne c frequencies. Millions of people are now finding EMF sensi vi es in their families and, sensi ve or not, we should all have some way to determine if our EMF exposures are too high. We should be able to accurately read and record those exposures if we would ever need to present credible evidence to, say, a u lity company or a device manufacturer in some legal challenge. Jerry Day contacted Orem Miller, a highly experienced building biologist, to recommend the lowest cost EMF scanning meters while assuring that those meters would accurately measure the full range of poten al, harmful EMF exposures in homes, offices, or other living spaces. As it turns out, it is not possible to fully scan a loca on with just one meter, because electromagne c frequencies cover such a wide spectrum, and Many of Abby's customers are wearing our "Bionic Band," a rubber bracelet worn on the wrist or ankle. The wearer receives an immediate increase in balance, energy, and strength. This natural increase can be tested using several methods and the results are immediate. The increase in strength, balance and energy that the wearer of the Bionic Band experiences is what the wearer would naturally have already, if not for man-made electrical magne c fields (EMFs) surrounding us. According to the manufacturer, the Bionic Band is related to the Earth's natural frequency or "resonance." Winfried O o Schumann, a German Physicist, predicted and measured "Schumann Resonance" between 1952 and 1957. The Schumann Resonances are quasi-standing electromagne c What is a "Bionic Band"?

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