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EMF radia on may be a contribu ng factor, if not an actual cause of Au sm, according to recent research. This is an important breakthrough. This disabling neuro-developmental disorder has increased almost 60-fold since the late 1970s and now affects one in 150 US children. There's no scien fic consensus on the cause of Au sm. The subject is highly controversial. While it's possible to nail down the cause of Au sm in certain cases, most are considered idiopathic or "without known cause." Research has spread in many different direc ons. Thankfully, in recent decades, the theory of Leo Kanner claiming that Au sm was caused by bad paren ng (specifically by "refrigerator mothers") has been soundly debunked. Other theories concerning immune deficiency problems, food allergies and poor nutri on offer some evidence of proof. And differences in brain size and modes of opera ng have also been studied, offering some evidence of worth-while study. Gaining the most a en on recently and causing a great deal of controversy are studies of the effects of vaccines on children. Significant correla ons are being made between the vaccines and Au sm. There are two theories. One states that the MMR vaccine causes intes nal problems that may lead to the development of Au sm. The other points to the mercury-based preserva ve, Thimersol, which appears to be associated with Au sm. EMF Radiation as a Cause of Autism Two ground-breaking studies have introduced into the spotlight another possible contribu ng factor to Au sm– one that might also be an actual cause–EMF radia on. In 2007, Tamara Mariea and George Carlo conducted a study to assess the role of EMFs from wireless devices in the e ology and treatment of Au sm. The findings of this study suggest a significant role of EMFs in both the e ology and the impeded efficacy of therapeu c interven ons. EMF Radiation by Vidya Frazier Researchers found that EMFs (specifically from wireless devices) trap heavy metals in cells, causing heavy metal toxicity. This accelerates the onset of au s c symptoms and also impedes therapeu c clearance of the metals. The findings also suggest that EMFs probably work in conjunc on with other environmental factors (such as vaccines) and gene c factors to cause Au sm. The second study was conducted by Dietrich Klinghardt, Director of the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in Sea le. The researchers measured the mothers' body voltage and microwave exposure in their sleeping environment, and also those of their au s c children. The study strongly suggests that electromagne c radia on in the sleeping area of the mother during pregnancy, as well as that in the sleeping environment of the children, may be contribu ng, if not causal, factors in Au sm. Cell Phone Radiation- A Speci f ic Cause of Autism Dr. Joseph Mercola, well-known natural health doctor, is "absolutely convinced that the explosion of cell phone usage around the world is one of the primary contributors to the au sm epidemic." He believes that the informa on-carrying radio waves from cell phone base sta ons and cell phones make children's exposure to vaccines and heavy metals much more dangerous than they typically are. He strongly encourages parents not to allow children to use cell phones and not to use one themselves, if carrying a child. Children's brains are far more suscep ble to cell phone radia on, due to the fact that their skulls are both smaller and thinner than those of adults. Multiple Causes of Autism There are likely many different causes of Au sm. And it's probable that different factors work in conjunc on with each other. One factor that definitely warrants more study is that of EMF radia on—and how it works in conjunc on with heavy metals toxicity caused by vaccines and other environmental and gene c factors to cause Au sm. Read more on Au sm and EMF radia on. a cause of AUTISM? Page 24 | Abby's Magazine -

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