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The Link to Digestive Health Need relief from Digestive Disorders? Back Pain? Migraines? Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain Migraines • Digestive Disorders • Allergies Carpal Tunnel • Sciatica • Asthma • Ear Infections 813-882-8181 $35 includes exam, consult and full set of x-rays 5015 W. Waters Ave. • Tampa, Fl. 33634 Our no risk policy. The patient or other person responsible for payment has the right to cancel payment, be reimbursed for any service, exam treatment which is performed as a result of, within 72 hours of responding to special offer. Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 Intestinal bacteria plays a leading role in diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's Disease, ulcerous colitis, and intestinal cancer. Research also shows us links with the nervous system and gut in illnesses such as, obesity, autism, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Arnold Berstad, senior researcher at Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital says that intestinal bacteria can produce or stimulate production of bioactive substances that can have a toxic effect on the body. These toxins can also cause severe anxiety and depression which ends up being secondary symptoms to the primary problem which is auto intoxication. Even though intestinal bacteria might be at the heart of many illnesses, nobody should be led to think these alignments can be cured by getting rid of our inner flora. Our bodies need an inner flora that helps aid indigestion as well as our immune system. The bacteria are also our best defense against other bacteria. The intestines have most of the body's immune cells and hormone producing cells. The digestive system is also connected to a comprehensive nervous system, which contains as many nerve cells as our spinal column. According to Jergen Valeur, a doctor at Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital, it is important to make sure the communication from the brain and spinal cord is working correctly to tell the nerve cells in the gut how to heal and function at 100%. These three systems (immune system, digestive system, and nervous system) have an impact on bacteria—and the bacteria affect them in return. Intestinal bacteria and the brain actually communicate with one another. The Vagus nerve goes directly from the intestines to the brain and messages run both ways through this nerve. The first bone called the Atlas in the spine can directly affect the function of the Vagus nerve if it has a subluxation or a misalignment that is putting direct pressure on the nerve. The Vagus nerve and the limbic system communicate back and forth to regulate our emotions. "We do know that depression can be treated by stimulating this nerve", says Valeur. What does the use of antibiotic disinfectants and preservations do to our intestinal functions? Dr. Midtuedt is convinced that these everyday chemicals have a role in altering the intestinal flora, that can lead to disease. Martin Blaser, microbiologists, indicate that intestinal flora never recover from antibiotic treatment. He also says "Overuse of antibiotics could be fueling the increase in conditions such as obesity, type 1 diabetes, IBD, allergies, and asthma. It is best to say that keeping all three systems (immune, digestive, and nervous system) working correctly at 100% is going to help our bodies manifest health. Family Health Chiropractic and Abby's have teamed up to help patients meet these goals. The tools are already in place do not wait to take charge of your health. Abby's Magazine - Volume 4 Issue 5 | Page 23

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