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July 2012

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Wellness By Shannon Brady Tamela Thomas, Wellness Manager tamelat@wac.net 206.464.4639 Ditch the frequent flier flab sk traveling sales veterans and they will tell you to expect at least 10 new pounds on your frame within the first year of joining their ranks. Constant travel, eating out, sleep loss and time-zone changes all wreak havoc on your weight. Besides changing jobs or setting aside money for a brand new ward- robe, what can we do? We thought we'd learn from some experts—WAC members who have found their own ways to stay active on the road. Each of their programs is different, but it works for them. The big takeaway from reading these personal stories is that each successful traveler arrives at their destination with a plan. Read on to get some ideas and then try making a blueprint for your next trip. You can always change it up, but you have to take that first step. A Fit to travel W How WAC members keep active away from home even more complicated. Before completely neglecting your fitness routine on the road, take inspiration— and some good notes—from the following fit folks, who manage to keep their minds and bodies in top form no matter where they are. As a managing tax partner for the Pacific Northwest region ith clients to call back, staff meetings to attend and reports to file, WAC members can find it hard enough to stay in shape when they're in town. Throw in some planes, trains and automobiles, and keeping fit becomes of PricewaterhouseCoopers, WAC member Cathy Hylton racks up frequent flier miles quickly. In any given week she could be in Portland, Ore., on the East Coast, or somewhere in Asia or Europe. Travel doesn't halt her workouts, how- ever. Peek into her suitcase, and you'll find an exercise band and tennis shoes packed among business suits and meeting materials. Since making a commitment to her health two years ago at a company-sponsored wellness retreat, she's been working out with WAC trainer Will Hicks, who has given her easy and effective alternatives to use when the hotel gym resembles a windowless cell. "I'm not tied to any piece of equipment," Cathy says. Instead, she uses what's available. That includes taking stairs two at a time when she can find them, knowing how to best Shannon Brady is the former Director Member Services of the Washington Athletic Club and a freelance writer. 26 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | JULY 2012

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