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ASK Abby ASK Abby Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: Hi Abby, You were a huge help to me in the past so I wanted your opinion on something. I am estrogen dominant and my doctor has me on progesterone cream, which I am okay with using temporarily. I was reading that a liver detox could help me as well. I know you're the expert of supplements so I didn't want to ask anyone else. I surely don't want to waste my money on useless products. Can you recommend anything? Thank you in advance for your help. I appreciate it so much! Sara Dear Sara, Estrogen dominance can be helped a great deal with "Myomin." Progesterone, taken without the protection of "Myomin," has the potential to raise estrone and estradiol levels and worsen estrogen dominance. So take "Myomin" if you are taking progesterone. One of the important functions of the liver is removal of the used up bound estrogens. A liver support will assist the liver greatly. One that has produced great results is "Liver Chi," well worth the money! Sincerely, Abby Dear Abby, I just purchased a bottle of "Lectin Lock." Are there any foods that do not contain lectins and, therefore, do not require "Lectin Lock" before consumption? I'm also wondering how many to take. Charlie Hi Charlie, Lectins are a class of compounds found in common foods, especially grains, seeds, beans, nuts, some fruits and vegetables, and seafood. Any regular meal will probably contain lectins. Your sensitivity to lectins will vary depending upon your blood type. If you eat foods outside your blood type, you will require more "Lectin Lock." The number of capsules should be a reflection of how many of the "avoid" foods you consume and the size of the meal. One to three capsules per meal may be needed. Sincerely, Abby Hi Abby, I am dealing with low blood sugar and had an incident where I passed out this weekend. I am 45 years old, in overall good shape with the exception of being gluten intolerant. I am dealing with a yeast overgrowth and had skin issues because of the gluten. I emailed you in the past and you recommended Moducare, which I am using (thank you). With trying to eat healthy and watching sugar and carbs, I believe that I am not getting enough. I am doing some serious research but I value your opinion and wanted to see what your thoughts were and if you had a suggestion. Thank you, Debbie Hi Debbie, So glad the Moducare is working for you! Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) often follows insulin resistance. Your insulin receptors have become desensitized to the insulin and your pancreas secretes more insulin, which caused your blood sugar to fall precipitously so that you passed out. To improve this serious condition, it is imperative that you include protein, healthy fat, and fiber with each and every meal or snack. Protein, healthy fat, and fiber will slow glucose rise and thus stabilize blood sugar levels. We also carry supplements to assist in improving the health of beta cells of your pancreas. Feel free to contact me for more information. Sincerely, Abby Hi, I'm menopausal, have unexpected weight gain and have done some reading on hypothyroidism…I have several of the symptoms. When I go in for my next female checkup, I plan to have my hormones and thyroid checked. Do you have any suggestions of supplements that could help with balancing me out and getting the weight off? I walk 3.5-4 miles daily and live an active lifestyle. Thanks. Lisa Dear Lisa, Myomin is an aromatase reducer and is useful to assist in loss of midsection fat. Insulin resistance is associated with weight gain and dietary changes may be of great benefit. Low thyroid may be causing your metabolism to slow, resulting in your weight gain. A thorough thyroid panel may indicate hypothyroidism. This panel should include TSH, T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 your thyroid antibodies, your vitamin D3, and iodine levels. Your blood level of estradiol should be less than 30. Contact me after you get your blood tests and I will recommend supplements to help you. Sincerely, Abby Page 6 | Abby's Magazine -

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