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The first step to healing is to lower stress While the stress hormone cortisol is high, the growth and repair hormones are turned off. Simply lowering "stress" will significantly slow the aging process by allowing the parasympathetic system to turn on and begin regenerating and repairing. e most effective tool I have found to reduce physiological stress in the body (of people and pets) is a FDA approved medical device called a Magnesphere. e Magnesphere works by creating low magnetic resonance that entrains with the body's natural energies and returns them to normal frequency. Every cell in the body has a normal vibrational resonance when it is in alignment. ings that knock tissue out of alignment include stress, poor quality water, processed food diet, chemicals, GMO's, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) etc. When you are driving your car and you hit a pothole, you may knock your car out of alignment. When you re-align the car it works well, at least until you hit another pothole. e body works in a similar fashion. When something knocks the vibrational frequency out of alignment, it may need to be re-aligned in order to return to normal resonance. e Magnesphere re- aligns the body by lowering cortisol levels via stimulating the Vagus nerve (the parasympathetic system), consequently lowering sympathetic tone. When our pet owners go into the Magnesphere with their pets, they report feeling less stressed, everyone's sleep is improved, and oen we get reports that everyone is having better digestion and elimination! Live blood studies aer 1 hour of treatment in the Magnesphere show dramatic improvement! Live Blood Live Blood Pre Treatment with Post Magnesphere Treatment Magnesphere Chronic Dehydration It is well documented in people that a majority of dis-ease results from chronic dehydration. e same applies to animals. Dogs and cats were biologically designed to get 70% of their water intake from their diet. When processed kibble was introduced in the pet food industry, it catapulted these animals into a chronic state of dehydration. It is not surprising that kidney disease is the number one killer of cats and dogs. Not only is drinking adequate amounts of water important, but the quality of the water is critical as well. Considering 70% of our (and our pet's bodies) are made of water, it should be obvious that water is a major constituent in the body's health. Studies have proven that bottled water contains over 25,000 chemicals including endocrine disrupters (which mess up your hormones)! Tap water also contains chemicals that are stressors to the body. Just staying in a chronic state of dehydration accelerates aging! When we check the urine specific gravity of animals (the concentration of the urine in proportion to water), we find most dogs and especially cats have an alarmingly concentrated urine. e hydration solution for your pets: Feed a balanced raw diet, it is 70% water. Provide a clean source of highly filtered water at all times. Provide a source of molecular hydrogen water. Avoid water in plastic bottles. Echo water can be purchased at Pasco Vet. For those interested in purchasing an Echo water filtration system, contact Pasco Vet. My office uses a water filtration system that makes molecular hydrogen through electrolysis, called ECHO ( e molecular hydrogen reduces free radical hydroxyl molecules (OH) by combining with the OH and making a water molecule (H + OH= H2O). Hydroxyl radicals are the bad free radicals that harm the body leading to dis-ease. In addition to the fantastic filtration and molecular hydrogen, Echo water has "frequencies" that aid in detoxification, digestion, organ and chakra balancing and brain and nerve support. People have the genetic programing to live to be a healthy vibrant 120 years old (this is an average age!). Dogs and cats should live well into their twenties. e average human is currently dying at 76 years of age and most pets don't live into their teens. e secret to anti-aging: Become biologically younger by improving metabolism and reducing the stressors that lead to oxidative damage. We and our fur kids make 300 billion new cells a day. It is critical that the new cells being made should be healthier than the ones they are replacing. Our lifestyles got us where we are. If you want to change the outcome, you need to change the behavior! e Magnesphere and Echo water work best when combined with other healthy life choices! For more information on Magnesphere or Echo water, contact my office! Dr. Marlene Siegel Pasco Veterinary Medical Center 813-973-2929 Abby's Magazine - Volume 4 Issue 4 | Page 23

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