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Aging is a natural progression through the cycle of life. What is not natural is the degree of dis-ease we and our fur children are suffering! How fast we and our pets age and how gracefully we age is dependent largely on our lifestyles. is article will explain the connection between the nervous system and metabolism as it relates to aging and gives simple, effective solutions to anti-aging. Metabolism is the key that controls aging e Autonomic Nervous System involves two main parts: 1. Parasympathetic: associated with relaxation, digestion, immune system, and sex drive. is system travels through the Vagus Nerve, which will become important when I talk about therapy. 2. Sympathetic: fight or flight response (kicks into high gear when a bear is about to attack you and you have to fight or run!) e modern day "bear" never goes away: the job, money concerns, kids, relationships, sleep deprivation, toxins in the environment and the Standard American Diet. ere are 2 types of Metabolism Anabolic and Catabolic 1. Anabolic metabolism repairs and restores, making new and better cells to replace old dying cells. When the body is in an anabolic state, it has high energy, is growing and vigorous, repairs quickly, and is focused on cell growth, regeneration, and repair. We and our fur kids make 300 billion new cells ever day! 2. Catabolic metabolism is the opposite. It involves breakdown, wearing out, low energy, and leads to damage, degeneration, and ultimately death. Aging Gracefully Keys to Avoiding dis-eAse And debilitAtion Versus A Major Longevity Signal Is Muscle Mass Muscle mass is reduced by chronic stress. Stress increases sympathetic tone, which produces more cortisol (the stress hormone) that causes more fat to be laid down (the belly fat or muffin top for humans) and consequently leads to a greater catabolic state. When stress is relieved, the body is in a predominate parasympathetic state and is producing hormones like DHEA and growth hormone which promote anabolic metabolism and increased muscle mass. When we lower stress (and cortisol) and hydrate the body with a quality source of water, we slow the aging process and have markedly reduced dis-ease. Reducing Stress Many people laugh when I talk about stress as it relates to their pets. "My pet sleeps all day and gets fed twice a day, what kind of stress could there be?" e biggest stress comes from the stress of the family because the pets will entrain (energetically sync up with) the stress of the people. Households with stressed owners will lead to increased cortisol in the pets. Other contributors to stress in pets includes feeding a processed food diet (kibble and can food with GMO, chemicals and pesticides). ese diets also lack enzymes and probiotics. Toxic cleaners and laundry products filled with xenoestrogens are significant stressors as well. e quality of the drinking water is highly impactful and will be discussed in further detail under the rehydrating section. Chronic stress results in a highly sympathetic state that leads to catabolic metabolism. A highly parasympathetic state promotes anabolic metabolism. Page 22| Abby's Magazine -

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