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Healthy Aging Need relief from Digestive Disorders? Back Pain? Migraines? Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain Migraines • Digestive Disorders • Allergies Carpal Tunnel • Sciatica • Asthma • Ear Infections 813-882-8181 $35 includes exam, consult and full set of x-rays 5015 W. Waters Ave. • Tampa, Fl. 33634 Our no risk policy. The patient or other person responsible for payment has the right to cancel payment, be reimbursed for any service, exam treatment which is performed as a result of, within 72 hours of responding to special offer. Dr. Dan Durrieu Family Health Chiropractic 5015 W. Waters Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33634 PH. 813-882-8181 Here are several tips on how to stay healthy as you get older: Always remember what you do now with your body dictates how healthy you will be ten years down the road. So how you treat your body when you're forty for example will determine your health when you're fifty and so on. Your eating habits, exercise and sleep routines, stress to your nervous system, and your mental stability will dictate your health as you age. Do you practice preventative maintenance for your body or do you practice emergency crisis care? Do you wait until your body manifests symptoms before giving it vitamin C, A, and zinc, or do you take vitamins on a daily basis to maintain a strong level of health? There are several ways to practice preventative health with your body. The question you should be asking yourself is, "how do I practice preventative health?" Making sure you have the right doctors and health coaches in your life is a good way to start. So how do you pick the right health care professional and health coach? Whether it's your Medical Doctor, Dentist, Personal Trainer, or Chiropractor, they should all have the same principal philosophy as you when it comes to your health. Make sure you interview your doctors so they can give you a care plan that makes sense to you in achieving your health goals. Do not wait until you are sick to gather your team of health care professionals together. Remember, symptoms in your body are the last thing to show up but the first thing to disappear. For example, diseases such as Cancer and Heart Disease can be in your body for up to two years before symptoms appear, until it's too late. Then you will find yourself stuck in emergency crisis care mode. Another major key to healthy aging, is limiting the use of prescription medications. Ask your team of doctors other ways to handle your health concerns besides taking prescription meds. Chiropractors are well trained to give their patients other ways to maintain health and healing. Family Health Chiropractic gives advanced workshops on nutrition, stress management, and exercise to give the patient tools and knowledge to tackle their health concerns appropriately. This allows the patient to get a jump start in the right direction on health and healing. Chiropractic has been rated #1 source of health care in keeping patients strong and healthy naturally. A chiropractor's main focus is making sure the central nervous system that controls the function and health of your body has no interference so the body maintains a 100% function. Remember the definition of Health is not how well you feel but how well you function. Abby's Magazine - Volume 4 Issue 4 | Page 19

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