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The Sacred Place As Chris an riders, we live and ride in a different dimension… in a supernatural world, in a personal "Sacred Place" we all have as sons and daughters of the King. Although this world around us is literally spinning out of control, we need to stand firm in Christ and in His Word. The world events challenge us everyday to live in that "Sacred Place" we all have and go to. The place where we are the closest to our Maker, but whether we like it or not, in order to func on in an ever-turned-upside-down society, we are forced to live in that place more than ever before. God is definitely dividing by giving people the opportunity to choose who's side to be on. And if one does not choose a side, that person has made an indirect choice by not choosing. There is no way out of it. Do you want to know what side you are on? Open his Word (the Bible) and search for what it is you are wondering about and you will know. Read the book of Proverbs or Google: What does the Bible say about fill in what you're wondering about. As Chris ans, we have made our choice and have to make a point to live beyond the circumstances and into the supernatural realm where God lives. That is our "Sacred Place". God tells us where those places are: His Word, in fellowship with other Believers, in prayer, in worship or behind bars at 60mph, we all have a "Sacred Place" of our own. Remember the first me you tasted the Father's Love? Remember how that felt? Remember when nothing ma ered but to be in His presence? Know that our Father wants first and foremost for us to live in that realm. That is His Sacred Place. That is where He dwells and why He created us: to have a rela onship with Him. No ma er where you get the closest to Him: in His word, in church, in fellowship with other believers, on a toy-run, feeding the homeless, helping the needy, visi ng the incarcerated, GO TO THAT PLACE! And make a habit of going there rou nely. That's how your body gets fed and connects with your soul. With that said, I can say with confidence that it doesn't get easier. However it does get be er. And not only that, but we glory in tribula ons also: knowing that tribula on brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope. That is what the Chris an Ride is all about. Living and riding in our Sacred Place that the world doesn't even know, where, no ma er what happens to us, we are free in Him. But it doesn't stop there. As Chris ans, we are ALL called into ministry. We are all commanded to obey the Great Commission, but many of us cannot pack up and move to Asia, China or Africa, nor get on the road and start evangelizing to everyone we come across. We have families, we have jobs and we have obliga ons. That is why we do what we do with Wheels Of Grace. A wise man once told me: "When WOG comes back, it has to be be er than before". To some that may mean more pages and more bikes in those pages, but to us "be er" refers to the purpose of Wheels Of Grace: "going into all the (biker) world…" With more magazines circulated, with a new and be er website that includes expanded digital versions of the printed magazines, and, most importantly, WOG subscribers and ministry supporters who send the Gospel biker-style to another at no addi onal cost to our subscriber: someone behind bars, to our troops on a military base or to someone that they feel can use the Good News through a different approach: through the eyes of Chris an motorcycle riders. If you don't already support Wheels Of Grace, prayerfully consider doing so and be a part of something great! Burn Rubber Not Your Soul! Peter Kaye 8 WheelsOfGrace.com Aug/Sept 2016

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