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LINFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 81 A DISRUPTIVE NUDGE In May 2014 Linfield launched its Development Department. Does that sound strange? It should. Most private schools, especially those comparable to Linfield in both size and longevity, have a well-established Development Department that drives advancement through philanthropy. Typically, private schools work in the following way: 1. Tuition covers operational expenses. 2. Donations fund institutional advancement. Without an active and effective Development Department, the Linfield engine was not firing on all cylinders; in fact, the school was missing a cylinder altogether and might have remained stuck in that condition had it not been for a disruptive nudge from a Linfield parent who offered to cover the start-up salary of a Chief Development Officer. So instead of testing the waters and easing into the domain of Development, Linfield plunged, dove, splashed, and cannonballed into the realm of new possibilities. We have been amazed and humbled by the way in which God has blessed our first steps. Thanks to the generosity of our parents and supporters, Linfield's newly established Development Department raised over $1,500,000 between January 2014 and December 2015. "Tuition pays for what is. Development pays for what could be." – Tammy Whitfield, Chief Development Officer H O W Y O U C A N H E L P

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