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2020 VISION 30 CALLED TO LOVE With her boundless energy, joyful spirit, and wide, easy smile, Erin Tucker lights up every room she enters. She is talented, intelligent, and articulate, but what stands out most of all is the beauty of her kind and compassionate heart, a heart wholly devoted to serving God and loving others. A Linfield graduate from the Class of 2015, Erin is currently studying Global Studies at Azusa Pacific University, but she credits her years at Linfield for helping her to become who she is. Having grown up in a Christian home, Erin knew about God and tried to obey Him, but she recognizes that her childhood faith was simplistic and based on following a set of behavioral guidelines. It wasn't until she came to Linfield in sixth grade and listened in chapel to the testimony of a high school student that she truly realized the importance of pursuing a real, dynamic relationship with Christ. From that moment on, she took the initiative to learn more about Him; she started reading the Bible on her own, talking with her parents and teachers, praying, and journaling, cultivating spiritual habits that continue to impact her faith to this day. Erin is grateful for the unique experiences Linfield provided, specifically pointing to the relationships she developed within the school's close-knit community. She says, "Linfield was incredible because I was able to find friends who had the same goal of growing in faith together. I made such amazing friends who still, even now, encourage me daily by sharing how God is working in their lives and who challenge me to pursue Him first and foremost. Yeah, my friends at Linfield made every day a good time, but I also knew that if ever I had anything bothering me, they were there for me. Honestly, 'friends' isn't even an accurate term; they were and still are my brothers and sisters." "I also had teachers that were just as close as my friends," she continues. "My teachers were up to date on the smallest details of my life, and I still keep in contact with them because I look up to them so much. And that's not necessarily because they're brilliant...even though they are! But it's mostly because they have so much wisdom. Like a few weeks ago, I stopped by to visit with [high school government teacher] Mrs. Carroll, and she reminded me, as she always does, that we are called to love above all else. And I needed to be reminded of that, so I'm grateful." Erin also remembers conversations in Bible classes and her experiences at Winter Mountain Retreat as being formative in the development of her faith. In particular, she identifies her freshman and sophomore Winter Mountain trips as times in which God showed her how good it was to be in His presence. But clearly, the Linfield experience which most impacted her relationship with Christ was the mission trip she took to Haiti during the summer between her junior and senior year. "Every single aspect of that trip changed my life," she confesses. "For example, to prepare for the trip, all of the students on the team were in a Bible class for a semester; we shared life stories with each other, and it taught me the importance of kindness and compassion because so much of what goes on in people's lives is unknown to those around them. I got to know my classmates on a deeper level, and some of the people I met on the trip are now my favorite people in the world."

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