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8 WheelsOfGrace.com June/July 2016 Wheels Of Grace MaGazine PUBLISHER: Grace Rider Magazine Inc. CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Peter Kaye WRITERS: Mark Lindemann Peter Kaye / Steve Whisner Jordyn Pike / Jill Naumann / Joe Batruny Susan Handel / Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm / Jen Hoyer Chaya Jacobs / Chris Cope / Steve Johnson CONTRIBUTING ASSISTANT EDITOR: Stacy Kaye ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITORS: Rob Thompson / Lauren Hopkins GRAPHIC DESIGN: Angela Russo PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: Steven Key / David Gallegos / Americanspirit James Boardman / Victor Leopold Russillo / Ansley Bean / Ruigouveia / Jill Naumann / Alptraum Kenn Stilger Daniel Thornberg / Dave Allen ADVERTISING SALES: (951) 777-0503 / info@WheelsOfGrace.com ON THE COVER Date of Pulication: June/July 2016 EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 WEST COAST : PO Box 892408 Temecula CA 92589 Tel: 951.777.0503 Fax: 813.830.7337 Email: info@WheelsOfGrace.com For more information log on to: www.WheelsOfGrace.com Copyright 2002 – 2016 © | All Rights Reserved Designed and Printed in the USA We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. e d i t o r ' s S A D D L E EDITOR'S SADDLE The content in Wheels Of Grace magazine is intended to inform today's motorcycle enthusiast. Wheels Of Grace magazine welcomes your letters, comments, photos and articles and we handle them fairly. We cannot be responsible for unsolicited material. We reserve the right to refuse readership, advertising and distribution to anyone under our liberty of conscience protected by the First Amendment. We do not accept anti-Patriotic and any anti-Biblical material. Please make sure to include your name and address with all submissions and if you would like material returned please include a SASE and send to Wheels Of Grace EAST COAST: PO Box 270239 Tampa FL 33688 WEST COAST: PO Box 892408, Temecula CA 92589 or send email to: info@WheelsOfGrace.com. e riding season is in full force with so many biker events going on all over the country. We had the opportunity to travel and be at a few of them, distributing WOG Magazine between the Christian and secular bikers, we also shipped magazines to the events we could not make it to. If you are a subscriber, you have been receiving the 'Ministry Updates' letting you know the events we shipped magazines to as well as the prisons and the military bases. And, we keep adding more with every issue! Our goal is to create a bridge between our lives and the lives of the ones that don't ride for God and could be gone from this world in a motorcycle accident tomorrow. We all know someone: our neighbor that rides, the dealer's parts guy, dude we just talked to at the last event, a Veteran brother, the co-worker that rides, many of whom don't have a relationship with God. ey may think they do, but we know…we've been there. In the last three months alone, we have seen three incidents of road-rage where a cager purposely hit a motorcycle rider: one in Orange County, California and two in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. If you haven't seen them, take a look at our FB page at: FB.com/WheelsOfGraceMagazine. …but if a Christian biker is riding and does not help others, I have to wonder if he/she has placed the "hobby" over the "purpose." Any one of the motorcyclists in the three incidents could have ended up dead. Our goal should be to let the motorcycle riding community know that Christian bikers are not boring and that as Christian bikers, we have a better time now than we ever did. e freedom we once experienced only when riding does not compare to the freedom that we experience in Christ Jesus. e only way others will know that is, if we live it. e book of James reminds us that: "faith without works is dead" and in Philippians we are commanded to "work out our salvation." We should all give to the ones in need. Giving is one of the ways the world experiences our values. Biker benefits, weather disasters, medical needs… we should all do our part to help others. I have oen said that I cannot relate to a Christian biker that rides a motorcycle (even if it was given to them which is rare) and pays for all that comes with it (insurance, registration, gear, maintenance, etc.), but does not support their Motorcycle Ministry or Club, and does not help others in need. I get it if one's bike is parked and is not being ridden due to financial hardship, but if a Christian biker is riding, and does not help others, I have to wonder if he/she has placed the "hobby" over the "purpose". Since the resurrection of Wheels Of Grace, we have implemented the policy of mailing magazines with every new subscription, to someone serving our country (in the U.S or over seas) or someone behind bars, or someone you - the WOG supporter - feels needs to get the Good News "biker style". And we even mail some magazines anonymously. In addition, most of the packets that leave our office have extra magazines in them with a letter encouraging the recipient to give the extra copies to someone God leads him/her to. is motorcycle magazine can break the ice or you can just give it to the one that "doesn't want to hear about Jesus". I know the feeling…I was one of those; but a biker magazine? at I would have gladly looked at! You never know how far a little can go. We recently came across a brother that received a WOG magazine 10 years ago while he was in prison and it had an impact on his life. We will soon have a video of his testimony on our website and will publish his story. First, one must be willing, then God will supply, then it is up to us to do our part, leaving the result and the glory to God. Burn Rubber Not Your Soul! Peter Kaye HARLEY-DAVIDSON LOW RIDER S

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