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When I joined Black Sheep Harley-Davidson for Christ, I wasn't sure what to expect or where this would lead. Over the year, however, I got more and more involved, serving five years as an officer. To say the least, I am a slow starter but, over time, I have learned to listen to the direction the Lord is giving me. I have always asked God to use me as He saw fit and, on occasion, He has answered those prayers, but I just wasn't satisfied with where I was. Be careful what you ask for, because not all the roads God takes you down are easy, carefree or painless. Aer what seemed like years of being stagnant, God answered my prayers again…and He did it with a motorcycle accident. While riding my Harley one day, I was hit from behind on the freeway in Southern California. My injuries were not life threatening, but I knew I was going to be spending some time in the hospital! As the days passed, I was humbled by the outpouring of love that my fellow Black Sheep showed me and (more importantly) for being there for my wife at all times. at first day in the hospital, I relived the accident over and over again in my mind. While lying on the side of the road, I felt a peace that I had never felt before. OK, and a little pain too, but I knew that God was in total control. I understood that God had put me in the hospital for a reason, so I decided that whenever the opportunity arose, I would talk to people about God, our motorcycle ministry and the many ways God has blessed me. Most of my talks were with the nurses. Eighteen months aer I got out of the hospital, and aer visiting many other injured bikers, I felt the Lord knocking on my door again…pulling me in a new direction. I wanted to become a hospital chaplain! What me? Was this just some wild idea? I decided I would let the Lord answer that question and put my faith in Him to make it succeed or fail. At first, I really felt out of my comfort zone, but I was It Takes One to Know One Hospital Chaplain 18 WheelsOfGrace.com June/July 2016

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