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PARTS, ACCESSORIES & MORE FILAGREE CROSS $13.99 hellfightersmotorcycleshop.com (601) 342-2732 EAGLE WITH PISTON $15.00 hellfightersmotorcycleshop.com (601) 342-2732 WOG UNITY SHIRT HIS AND HERS $15.00 info@WheelsOfGrace.com (951) 777-0503 SATAN SUCKS TANK TOP $15.00 hellfightersmotorcycleshop.com (601) 342-2732 Mail from the Road Just wanted to let you know that I received my magazines the other day in the mail. Thank you for the extra copies. I'll make sure to share them. Thanks Freedom is not Free Thank a Veteran Bob Bennett Manhattan KS Thank you for letting us know Bob! To God be ALL the glory! WOG Hi Peter Just confirming that I had received the 3 envelopes in the mail today, should have enough reading for a while. Thanks again by the way I like the feel and look of the mag. Very professional. Dave Blackadar Manitoba Canada THANK YOU DAVE! To God be ALL The glory! WOG Peter, Thanks for an awesome magazine. Also add our church to the list if you would please. Ashley Valley Calvary Chapel Vernal Utah 84078 God Bless Glenn McElroy Thank you for the kind words Glenn! We will get you information how to get the full listing in the magazine and receive magazines for the church or to use as witnessing tools. In the meantime we will add the church with the simple listing. WOG I don't know if you remember me. My name is Katherine F. and some years ago I asked if you'd send your magazine to a friend in prison, which you did. Edward M. and he was in… He is still in prison but now is in… unit. I was injured in a car wreck in Dec. and am only working part time now and can't afford to get him another subscription. I was wondering if you have such a thing as a donation of your magazine. Thanks so much looking forward to your reply. God bless. Katherine F. Fort Worth TX Hi Katherine, I honestly remember something, it sounds familiar... too much has happened and I get you in regards to the accident. I was in two within the same year. On Edward M., YES lets send them the magazines. WOG is our ministry so we always do what we can and at this point we are able to help you and Edward and would love to do so. When you get back on your feet you can get a subscription. The very basic one comes out to only $4 per month. A couple of things to get the magazines out for Edward: Send us his complete mailing address, TDC#, etc. as it should appear. We will get the mags out to him and will let you know when sent. God bless you! WOG

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