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FOR THE RIDER WITH TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES MAGAZINE MOTORCYCLE FEATURES, BIKER TESTIMONIES, TECH ARTICLES, M/M & M/C ARTICLES, BIKER CHURCH DIRECTORY, FOR GOD AND COUNTRY ARTICLES, LETTERS FROM PRISONS AND ARTICLES SUPPORTING HONORING OUR TROOPS. SAFE FOR ALL TO READ! www.WheelsOfGrace.com expanded digital edition online Log on to see how you can receive the last three issues and a Wheels of Grace Ministry Support Patch (951) 777-0503 info@WheelsOfGrace.com In the last few editions we have been publishing the article titled: FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. We believe that if it wasn't for God and our troops we would not have this country to live in. Regardless of one's beliefs on wars, we are here to support our troops and we want you to be a part of it. First and foremost, if you know someone that is serving or has served, pray for them and their family. It seems that we all know someone. Second, if you know someone that is serving or has served and is a Christian, let us know. We would like to honor them by publishing their story. When I ride, I often think about: "what it would be like instead of cruising on a beautiful road, feeling the wind and admiring God's creation all around me, what if, I was in a fox hole and bullets were flying over me or in a Humvee with bombs going off in the distance around us wondering if we will be hit next…" then, I pray. I pray for the ones that are serving and I pray for their families waiting for them to come home. Our previous edition of the magazine was mailed to a military base overseas and that was only the beginning. Per your request, this edition will be mailed to a new military base. If you are a Wheels Of Grace monthly supporter or yearly subscriber, we will mail magazines to the incarcerated or to our troops on your behalf. Contact us to find out how. We use this magazine platform as a tool to love the unlovable and reach the unreachable. Our troops are often unreachable physically and emotionally. Either you're a monthly supporter or a yearly subscriber, we encourage you to get involved by contacting us and letting us know of someone that is serving time or serving our country and you would like us to mail magazines to; Or you know of someone's story we should publish. By supporting Wheels Of Grace you are a part of something great that is more than a magazine subscription. Peter Kaye "We support our Troops" Wheels of Grace is the ONLY magazine that once you subscribe we will also send a magazine on your behalf to a member of our Armed Forces, or a Police Officer, or someone Behind Bars. For as little as $4 per month, you can do your part to reach someone and be a part of Wheels Of Grace that is MORE THAN A MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. See our website: WheelsOfGrace.com and click on the GET THE MAG tab for more details.

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