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Fingernail and tongue diagnosis has evolved over thousands of years, resul ng in a methodology so precise and natural that it is hailed among prac oners as an enlightened art form. Over the years, doctors have learned to derive quali es from fingernail and tongue diagnosis specific to their field of medicine. My own father was a doctor for forty-five years, and I myself have had over thirty years of experience in the field. Together we have been able to combine both eastern and western methodologies to create a unique program of physical diagnosis. Both pa ents and doctors alike have been urging me to secure this valuable informa on in print. I hope my book will serve as both an innova ve guide to medical diagnosis and a means to carefully bridge together two important schools of thought, culmina ng in an advanced look at the future of medicine and preventa ve diagnosis based on physical markers. And unlike most other handbooks on Chinese medicine, dismissing what is fundamental to the teachings of Western science, my approach allows one to combine culturally competent methodologies to achieve the most accurate and effec ve results. My method of physical diagnosis started out as an analysis of the fingernails and the tongue. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to analyze many pa ents and have managed to compile the clinical data of over 10,000 cases from around the world. Readers should note that diseases do not always have easily detectable causes and symptoms. In some cases a disease may manifest as quite different symptoms in different people. Similarly, different diseases can cause the same symptoms in people. In the old days, primary care physicians spend a lot of me with pa ents to check their medical history, their physical symptoms and so on. It was a more thorough checkup in many ways. However, primary care checkups now are not what they used to be. With more pa ents than doctors and with the arrival of managed care, pa ents end up spending more me with the nurse than with their doctor. And even then, nurses are unable to spend enough me with each pa ent. Preface to Dr. Chi's Fingernail and Tongue Analysis 3rd Edition Page 8| Abby's Magazine -

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