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SWISS FORMULA There are 8 Olbas Herbal Remedies that provide effective and immediate relief. R HERBAL REMEDIES R Naturally! Learn more about Olbas Remedies Blocked up? Can't breathe? Discover Olbas. N a t u r a l ALL 888-234-5656 | 50 Years of Excellence Your health is our priority. Choose quality. Choose Carlson. A child's immune system isn't fully developed and is continuously challenged by environmental factors such as infections (bacterial and viral) at daycare centers and schools, allergens and irritants in foods, chemical toxins, and by antibiotic use. All these factors make probiotics even more important for children. Probiotics not only improve their digestive functions but also help support Keeping Children Well their weaker immune functions. Probiotics may even decrease allergy sensitivity in children. Several studies indicate that giving probiotics to children at an early age reduces the severity and duration of a variety of diseases. For example, some studies reported that aer administration of probiotics colds and flus decreased by 50 percent, and diarrhea from viral infections also was decreased. Autism and childhood obesity are of special interest in the study of how probiotics may help children. Page 32 | Abby's Magazine -

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