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Over the years, as I was getting older, I started to feel run down and I was gaining weight that the gym wasn't able to take off. I started going to a weight loss clinic and they put me on what they called hormone therapy. My blood test showed my testosterone level to be very low so I did the HCG diet, which increased my testosterone levels. This did seem to make me lose weight, gain muscle mass and feel generally better. As part of the medical weight loss program, the routine was to get a blood test every six months. Up to this point, my PSA was about 3.0 and they considered that my baseline. The doctors were not alarmed as anything under 4.0 was acceptable in their eyes. Finding Hope and Healing, naturally: Toward the end of 2013, I had a routine blood test. My PSA jumped to 5.9. The doctor recommended we retest to see if this was a false positive. We waited 4 weeks and did another blood test. The results were the same. I was told I need to go see a specialist. I went to a local urologist and they suggested another blood test. The results again stayed high. They would always say I was too young for prostate cancer. The initial diagnosis was enlarged prostate, elevated PSA, thyroid disorder and secondary hypogonadism. They ordered a biopsy to be done on December 23, 2013. The results were 3 of 12 cores to be cancerous with a Gleason score ranging from 6 to 7. Then they ordered more tests, a bone scan, a CT scan, and finally an X-ray of the pelvic region. Dino's TesTimony of CanCer survival Page 28| Abby's Magazine -

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