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Page 20 | Abby's Magazine - What Do These Signs Indicate About Your Overall Health? Come to Dr. Chi's Free Seminar May 30, 2016 or schedule a One-on-One consultation. Are you missing lunulae (the small white half moon at the bottom of your nails)? What do no lunulae or very small lunulae indicate about your health? Do you have a diagonal crease on one or both of your ear lobes? Do you also have lunulae on your pinkies? What do those raised cherry red dots on your torso mean? What if these cherry angiomas are on your forehead? What can a heavy white coating on your tongue signify? What does a very thin black line on your fingernail mean? What if you nails are opaque and you cannot see through them at all? What does a deep crack in the center of the tongue mean? What do teeth marks on the edge of your tongue mean? What may skin tags indicate?

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