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Mary had been suffering from a painful urinary tract infection for several months that would not fully go away after treatment with medication. Antibiotics offered temporary relief but the problem kept coming back. Drinking tons of water and cranberry juice was not doing the trick either. Mary would also suffer from yeast infections right after the antibiotic treatment. Then a funny thing happened when she sought treatment from a chiropractor for her lower-back pain. After three weeks of adjustments, not only did Mary's back feel better, but her recurring urinary tract infection was gone as well. For the first time in several months Mary was able to get through a whole day without pain. Now Mary is a true believer in the use of Chiropractic, a method of keeping the body well by aligning the spine through adjustments. Mary is one of millions of women turning to chiropractic for relief of everything from urinary tract infections, thyroid problems, headaches, asthma, and heart palpitations. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 7% of all Americans now see a chiropractor regularly, a figure that has doubled in the past 20 years. A growing number of these people are seeking help in maintaining overall wellness and strengthening their immune systems, a major trend in chiropractic. Another one of the latest trends is Chiropractic's application to sports training and injury prevention. The United States Olympic Committee even sanctioned the use of a chiropractor at the games in Barcelona- a first. Olympic-level athletes, of course, have long seen chiropractors without official sanction forever! The chiropractic approach to wellness is that of gently moving a misaligned vertebrate that makes up the spine, which interferes with the brain's ability to communicate with the rest of the body via the spinal nerves. Depending on where they occur, these interferences cause different parts of the body to function incorrectly. Dr. Lawrence, a Chiropractor in New York City says, "Clinical medicine tells you what problem is brewing. Chiropractic makes the bodywork better by taking away interference and treating the person, not the symptom. Taking antibiotics is like turning up your stereo if your car is making strange noises, instead of fixing the actual problem." This system is based on the unusual experiences of Daniel David Palmer, who in 1895 cured a man of deafness caused by a pinched nerve. The guidelines for what a chiropractor can treat are broad, and practitioners acknowledge that the concept is difficult to grasp because it's based on maintaining wellness, not treating sickness. The president of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Clum said this statement, "The once-a-month adjustment is equivalent to visiting a dentist twice a year. It's a way of taking care of a problem while it is small, instead of waiting for it to develop into a serious disorder. Can aligning your spine cure whatever problem you are suffering from? The Chiropractic Controversy Page 16| Abby's Magazine -

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