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WOMENS WELLNESS CENTER the Incan Empire included a ban on its cultivation because it was used in non-Christian rituals. Fortunately, the grain grew wild and remote villagers continued to cultivate it. Over the last hundred years, quinoa production has slowly re-emerged. Demand for it has spread worldwide and it is now cultivated in the United States. USE Today, quinoa can be found in most supermarkets, Hispanic and natural food stores. Quinoa comes in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, gray, red and black. In the United States, white and red quinoa are most readily available. Before cooking, always rinse quinoa well: submerge in water and rub the seeds between fingers to remove its slightly bitter coating; change water and repeat until water runs clear. Drain. Cooked quinoa's texture is between that of millet and couscous – tender with a slight crunchiness. Eat quinoa for breakfast or substitute it for rice and other whole grains in salads and soups. View quinoa and many other recipes at Andrea's cultural food blog, Cardamom Quinoa Breakfast Porridge Sun-dried Tomato Quinoa Tabouleh Salad From delivering babies to helping with hormonal changes that cause: » Fatigue » Weight Gain » Mood Changes » Low Libido » Insomnia providing individualized care: » Well Women Care » Pregnancy » Hormonal Health » Menopause » PCOS SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT 303.755.0120 Center for Women's Health and Wellness MD OB/GYN Care Preventive Care Over 70 years combined experience We treat patients at all stages of life. And we believe preventive medicine is the best approach. . n e m o w e r a e w e s u a c e b — n e m o w s w o n k s n a i c i s y h p f o m a e t r u O From left: Drs. Grace Holub Heather Fitzler Leslie Scariano and Asela Russell Center for Women's Health and Wellness MD CenterForWomensHealthAndWellnessMD_HealthMag.indd 1 4/20/15 2:11 PM Health and Wellness Magazine • 59

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