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Health and Wellness Magazine • 41 No "why" is wrong, as long as it deeply motivates people, Warren says. It can be as simple as a workout buddy they don't want to let down, or a 5K they want to finish, she says. Finding an emotional attachment can boost the power of a why, such as being around for your family as long as possible or staying fit so you don't become a burden to anyone. Warren urges clients to post their "whys" on mirrors and share them with an accountability buddy to help when they're feeling weak. "Once you have a why, it's easier to stay on track; you don't want to go back," Warren says, adding that periodic indulgences are expected. "Do I still enjoy life and have a piece of cake or a glass of wine once in a while? Absolutely. But whenever possible, I ask: 'Do I want that donut more than I want my time on the beach?' If I have the ability to make a choice that's going to improve my chances of living a longer, healthier, happier life, I'm going to take that." "I decided I wanted to be the kind of grandma that was down on the ground making sandcastles and still living my life. I didn't want to be sitting on the sidelines." Members can ask Sheri Warren, a personal trainer for 25 years and the club's member coach, for any help for free, whether it's with finding their "whys" or with creating a personalized workout plan. 5801 S. QUEBEC ST. GREENWOOD VILLAGE 720.838.2527 GREENWOODATC.COM SPIN. TENNIS. TRAIN. REPEAT. Greenw VISIT EXPERIENCE 3 Holly's favorite workouts at Greenwood.

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