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Health and Wellness Magazine • 29 not feel soft or be sunken in. A firmer, less mature fruit can be ripened at home in a few days at room temperature or more quickly in a paper bag. Once ripe, store it in the refrigerator. Sprinkle leftovers with lemon or lime juice to prevent browning, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Slight discoloration is still edible. Peeling: The greatest concentration of carotenoids in an avocado lies in the dark green flesh just beneath the skin. To get all that goodness, cut the avocado in half and scoop out the flesh using a spoon to fully scrape it apart from the skin. Use The avocado is primarily used in its raw form. In the U.S., it is most commonly known for its use in Mexican cuisine – mashed into guacamole, blended with tomatillos for salsa verde, and used as a topping for tacos, soups, beans and the like. Many other cultures, however, take a sweeter approach – often in a beverage. The Vietnamese make sinh to bo, an avocado milkshake with sweetened condensed milk. Brazilians call theirs vitamina de abacate and Indonesians take it up a notch, by making their avocado milkshake, jus alpukat, with chocolate syrup and/or coffee drizzled in. American health conscious eaters have been chopping avocado into salads and spreading it on sandwiches for years. It's also excellent for spreading on your morning toast with a fried egg. It's an excellent substitute for butter. Two tablespoons equal about 50 calories, whereas an equivalent amount of butter has 100 calories. Since it's cholesterol- free, it's much better for you. Vasectomy Simple, Safe Birth Control A vasectomy is… • Simple: In-office, 15-minute procedure • Low Pain: No needle or scalpel • Effective: Nearly 100% effective, permanent • Liberating: Intimacy improves without the concern of unwanted pregnancy Advanced Urology features: • 3 Denver-area locations • 6 Board-certified urologists • Online appointment scheduling Aurora | Denver | Lone Tree/Parker 303-695-6106

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