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20 At first, she screamed, sure her husband of 22 years was dead. Pete Campbell, who had just entered a business zone on the way back to the couple's Castle Rock home from an evening drive, had passed out at the wheel. Then, survival mode kicked in, and Deidra Campbell unbuckled her seatbelt, slid across the bench seat of the Ford 150 truck, and steered the 2- ton vehicle back onto the road just as it was about to jump a curb and head toward a McDonald's. As she maneuvered through traffic, she tried to push her husband's foot off of the gas pedal, but his leg wouldn't budge. With his dead weight accelerating the truck to nearly 70 miles per hour in the 35-mph zone, and drivers blasting their horns as she narrowly missed their vehicles, Campbell saw the end of the road. She had a choice: a concrete barrier or a massive mound of dirt. She chose the dirt. by Debra Melani Sky Ridge Trauma-Level Boosts Care for Patients Closer to Home When Timing is

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