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6) WATCH THE ROAD. What used to be kind-of slippery is now very slippery. White lines on the roads will have become ice rinks, metal plates/manholes are super dangerous, avoid them like the plague. 7) WATCH OUT FOR PUDDLES. Yes, it can be fun riding through one, but since the water hides the surface you just don't know what you are riding into. Can the puddle in fact be a three feet deep hole? Do you want to find out the hard way? 8) When riding and YOU SEE A COLORED RAINBOW ON THE GROUND, watch it! It's got nothing to do with God's promise or the gay movement, chances are it's oil. 9) DEER CAN BE MORE ACTIVE IN THE COLD WEATHER: always be on the lookout for wildlife 10) When rain first starts aer many days of dry weather, it's when it's the most dangerous since there's a lot of oil and dirt on the road. Wait an hour or two for the rain to wash away the oil/dirt before riding 1) CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST: the weather can turn quickly this time of year, so be prepared and pack the rain gear and the leathers. 2) APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: to stay warm and comfortable you may need gloves and a jacket. 3) WATCH FOR WET LEAVES: wet leaves are slippery so be cautious of the road conditions. 4) WEAR PROPER RAIN GEAR: preferably Gore-Tex or equivalent. It needs to be able to breath but still not allow water to creep in. Make sure your helmet covers your face, since rain above 30 mph is going to hurt you. 5) MAKE SURE YOUR TIRES ARE CORRECT FOR RIDING IN THE RAIN, in other words, do not go out riding in the rain with slick tires. Motorcycle Winter Riding Wet and Cold Weather Riding Tips 14 GraceRiderMag.com February/March 2016

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