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Mold is naturally in our environment. Ambient levels of mold is generally not a problem; mold growth is the problem. Mold needs three things to grow: (1) A nutrient, (2) moisture, and (3) 48 hours. Mold will eat almost anything, so the only control we have is moisture. Moisture is the enemy. Eliminating the source of moisture and drying out is the first priority. A professional service can help if the job is big. Time is of the essence. e most important thing you can do, is drop scheduled activities and act quickly. Mold doesn't wait, and your air conditioner is the lungs of your home. In no time, the entire home is contaminated. It is possible to have mold contamination and not see or smell the mold. Mold can also be hidden, growing under carpet and behind walls. e only way to know if you have a problem is to test for it. Every DIY test will reveal mold because it is ambient in the air. Using a licensed mold assessor is the only way to accurately test for elevated levels of mold. Page 00 | Abby's Magazine - e Environment You Live In Not only are we dealing recent flooding, but environments that have an existing problem will see an increase in symptoms. According to Harvard and John Hopkins, more than 50% of homes have mold, resulting in a 50-100% increase in respiratory problems. Whether it's a roof leak, standing water next to the house or a broken pipe, knowing what to do with moisture intrusion is critically important not only to the structure, but to your health. Has central Florida's recent storms created havoc in your home or office? Photo by: John Smith Page 60 | Abby's Magazine -

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