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Page 56 | Abby's Magazine - In addition to the Body Burden Test, another way to gauge your toxicity level is to consider some of the side effects of toxins that can become chronic health problems. Below is a list; check off those that apply to you. Though you can't assume all of the following are attributed directly to toxins in your body, it helps to take stock of your health issues now so you can see if a detox program diminishes or even eliminates any of these conditions: acne allergies anxiety arthritis asthma attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) autism autoimmune disorders behavioral problems bloating, belching, or intestinal gas body odor brain disease cancer cardiovascular disease chronic or unexplained fatigue chronic infections colitis connective tissue disorders constipation dementia depression diabetes digestive problems diarrhea epilepsy fibroid tumors migraines mouth sores multiple sclerosis muscle pain nausea neuropsychiatric (mental) illness obesity Parkinson's disease peptic ulcer peripheral neuropathies pigmentation poor posture potbelly schizophrenia seizures skin rashes or disorders sore throat spastic colon stroke weight maintenance issues Side Effects and Signs of Toxicity Side Effects and Signs of Toxicity fibromyalgia food allergies frequent mood swings general malaise or low energy hayfever headaches high blood pressure high cholesterol hives hormonal imbalances hypertension impotence inability to concentrate indigestion infertility inflammatory disorders insomnia irritable bowel syndrome joint aches memory lapses

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