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Page 32 | Abby's Magazine - Detoxing the Body of Parasites Discover the Best Herbal Remedies for Banishing These Health Destroying Intruders By Carolanne Wright Linked with cancer, seizures, asthma and more, parasites are an invisible, yet very real, threat to health. Difficult to diagnose, physicians and medical personnel o en miss the connec on between a parasi c infec on and serious disease. It is es mated that a majority of Americans harbor parasites contracted from food, water, pets and even the air we breathe. Herbal an parasi c detox programs are an excellent solu on and should be undertaken annually along with a weekly maintenance protocol, even if one enjoys good health. Cleansing Herbs and Nutritional Support Parasites can infiltrate any system in the body, including the lungs, liver, heart, brain, spinal cord, blood, pancreas, skin, eyes, kidneys and uterus. The pathogens contribute to diabetes, poor cardiovascular health, chronic fa gue and a host of other disease. Due to the widespread problem of parasites, it's essen al that healthy individuals undergo a parasite cleanse at least once per year, or more if diseases are present. The following is a list of the top an parasi c herbs and oils available: Oil of Oregano - One of the best remedies for parasites, the oil can be used up to three mes per day. Add two to three drops to a glass of water with fresh lemon juice. Wormwood - Used for centuries as a cure for intes nal parasites, wormwood can be consumed in liquid extract, tea or capsule form. Especially helpful for those with poor diges on, it increases the acidity of the stomach and encourages the produc on of bile. The pure oil is toxic - do not ingest. Garlic - Readily available, fresh garlic is an excellent treatment for both roundworm and tapeworm as well as giardia. Crush one clove and let sit for ten minutes. Consume at bed me for at least 30 days. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Rich in medium chain fa y acids, coconut oil provides a substan al boost to the immune

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