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Page 36 | Abby's Magazine - As the owner of a kettlebell gym, the most common question I am asked is "What makes kettlebells different?" If you don't know what a kettlebell is, don't feel bad. The second most common question is "What is a kettle-ball?" A Russian kettlebell looks like an iron cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells originated in Russia in the late 1700's where strength has always been highly regarded. The kettlebell was the most accessible and low-cost means for developing strength and endurance. In times past, strength was required in order to survive and thrive. The handle simply made it easy to carry in rural areas where competitions and displays of strength were commonplace. Unlike in America today, where we enjoy a family barbecue on holidays, for centuries, Russian folk festivals and national holidays have been centered on fist fighting, wrestling and weight lifting. Even Russian folk dancing is a feat of strength and endurance. In fact, kettlebells were and still are juggled as a display of strength and endurance. THE WORLD IS YOUR GYM GOT GRIT? 813-785-6634 • Workshops • Personal training • N. Tampa classes • Youth Classes - after school and homeschool Kettlebells are safe for all ages. In fact, in 1981, kettlebells were institutionalized in the Russian school system because time and science has proven that when children train with these weights, they grow into very strong adults. Today, kettlebells are not only used by schools and the Soviet forces, but Kettlebell Sport is the National Weightlifting sport of Russia. In fact, Kettlebell DO YOU KETTLEBELL ?? 9 REASONS TO LIFT A KETTLEBELL DO YOU KETTLEBELL?? 9 REASONS TO LIFT A KETTLEBELL

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