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Abby's Magazine - May/June 2015 | Page 33 No matter what hand you were dealt at birth, you can take steps to "activate" the disease-busting, health-boosting genes and suppress those that will cause you harm. This is evidenced perhaps most clearly by identical twins, who start out with the exact same genetic code … but end up very different. Epigenetic "malleability" helps to explain why identical twins become distinct as they age. For instance, why does one identical twin become obese and another remain lean? As you age, your genome does not change but your epigenome changes dramatically, especially during critical periods of life, such as adolescence. This helps explain why a study out of New Zealand confirmed that genetic pre-disposition to obesity is entirely preventable through good nutrition in early childhood. The good news is that no matter what your age, you can help your genes to express in a positive manner just by leading a healthy lifestyle, and this includes getting regular exercise. Exercise is Beneficial Even if You Don't Have the "Obesity Gene" Whether you have genes that make you more prone to obesity or not, carrying around extra pounds will inevitably increase your risk of developing just about every chronic degenerative disease there is, while exercising creates the opposite effect -- helping you reduce your risk of disease and increase your chances of living longer. This is because the underlying cause of excess weight is typically an unhealthy diet paired with insufficient exercise, which leads to surging insulin and leptin levels that eventually results in insulin resistance. And it is insulin resistance that is one of the primary causes of many of these chronic diseases. So exercising sets into motion a beneficial feedback loop that leads to ever greater levels of health, while lack of exercise makes your health spiral downward and opens the door to disease and premature aging. If you have genes that may predispose you to obesity, exercise will help to negate their effects, and if you don't, exercise will still help you maintain an ideal body weight and remains one of the most important tools available to help you gain optimal health. All Oregon Wild Harvest products 20off till June 30th %

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