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Abby Sayler, owner of Abby's Health and Nutrition, has a vision of developing an organic community farm to educate individuals and families to grow their own healthy organic food and develop a sustainable lifestyle. Her experience consulting on the most complex health issues everyday has shown her that health begins with what we eat. With that in mind, the closer we can live "farm to table" for our fruits and vegetables that are grown organically, the healthier the results. The 6+acres in Lutz was owned by the same family since the 40's, so we could determine how the property had been used for over 70 years. We have a lovely farm house that we have renovated keeping much of the original charm and construction on the 2 acre community farm being developed. It has wonderful trees that will not interfere with gardening activities and provide a great "canopy" for our education area. The parent track includes frontage on beautiful Lake Hobbs, one of the cleanest and most popular lakes in the Lutz area. Unlike traditional co-op and CSA offerings, our emphasis will be raised-bed gardening, whereby people will be educated and given the opportunity to grow their own food in their own raised-bed at the farm or at their home. We are planting a wide variety of fruit trees around the farm for use by all members. Our plans include an educational area, traditional row farming, a greenhouse, hydroponic and aquaponic exhibits, large community raised- bed herb gardens, chicken coop, goat farm, blueberry project, composting and experiment gardens. Abby envisions a beautiful educational, agricultural venue that will be a model to promote healthy living through organic gardening that will be an asset to the community. The plans include an emphasis on the beauty of Florida outdoors, with a major investment in flowering plants and trees, fountains, ample seating and recreation areas to simply enjoy the farm. Our hope is to train the next generation that healthy, sustainable living can be achieved and we simply want to do our part in that experience. David Housefield 813.393.6039 ANNOUNCING ABBY'S ORGANIC COMMUNITY FARM Abby's Magazine - May/June 2015 | Page 17

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