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Genescient applies 21 st century genomic technology to identify, screen and develop benign therapeutic substances at precise doses, to defeat the diseases of aging. Genescient's singular approach addresses the complex genomic networks that underlie aging and aging-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. Our proprietary model animals (the renowned "Methuselah* Flies") live five times longer than their normal counterparts, and exhibit health and vigor throughout. The genomes of these "Super" flies, reveal the hundreds of genes involved in their longevity. We have already verified that over 100 of these genes control similar function in humans and thus provide exceptional targets for the development of therapeutic substances. Genescient: the world's first computational biology company founded on the use of artificial biological selection to cure the diseases of aging. Genescient uses its unique insights into the genomics of aging, a process common to almost all animals, to: Screen and enrich Genome-Wide Association Studies to identify genomic biomarkers of aging-associated diseases. Treat aging and age-related diseases via existing and novel therapeutic substances. Offer services to the pharmaceutical industry, including lifelong, whole organism substance toxicity testing. Leading the Genomics Revolution * See: Rose, Michael R., Methuselah Flies: A Case Study in the Evolution of Aging. London: World Scientific Company, 2004. Visit us at genescient.com

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