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Abby's Magazine - March/April 2015 | Page 3 Tasty Brand Organic Chocolate Layer Cake Sandwich Cookies (All Flavors) Chocolate cookies with a decadent chocolate crème filling- Certified USDA Organic & Non-GMO verified. No trans-fat, high-fructose corn syrup or anything artificial. Vegan & Kosher. Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray Add excitement to your favorite dishes – and promote a healthy lifestyle – with Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be used as a replacement for butter and other oils. The unique flavors of our extra virgin coconut oil turn any ordinary meal into a truly indulgent experience. Made with Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined Coconut Oil. No soy. nutrient dense seaweeds and sea vegetables the ocean produces. Made with 4 different beneficial seaweeds to promote detoxification and cellular health. Helps maintain a youthful look and vibrant skin. Mother Nature's soap company, our soap is All Natural and handcrafted in the USA. We are committed to producing soaps that are good for you and that we take great pride in. Your happiness with 'Roots and Fruits' all natural soaps is what's most important to us. Baby Mantra 3-in-1 Baby Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body Wash Baby Mantra's 3-in-1 Baby Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body Wash is an essential to your bath collection. The light scent of lavender and intense moisturization of Aloe Vera will leave your baby calm, relaxed and snuggly soft. Perfect to relax your little one into sweet slumber. Follow up with our massage oil for the perfect bed-time skin care regimen. True Lyes Handcrafted Soaps Pure and Gentle Handmade Soaps. Your skin is your largest body organ, why not be true to it? Made pure, rich in glycerin, natural oils, botanical exfoliates and wonderful aromas; True Lyes are cold processed, handmade soaps with natural and pure ingredients. True Lyes are crafted with natural oils, herbs, and botanicals, allowing you to surrender your senses by filling the air with natural aromas and scents. More than that, leaving behind rich skin loving oils after the rinse! Roots & Fruits Soaps Selected Varieties Historically, many cultures bathed in the ocean for its healing and health promoting properties, due in part to the New at Abby's Vitamins Health & Beauty Grocery Fermented Vegan Proteins + High in protein – contains 20g of fermented dietary protein per serving! The first fully fermented protein which contributes to a healthy gut, overall good health & is easy to digest. Non- allergenic, soy free and contains a balance of all essential amino acids. Gluten-Free, Made with non-GMO ingredients, Soy Free, Vegan. CardioForLife Powder CardioForLife® is a powerful blend of ingredients that are highly absorbable and delivered in a tasty liquid form. CardioForLife® utilizes technology that maximizes absorption of nutrients through our unique patent pending processing system. You can be sure that you will receive all the nutritional benefits using CardioForLife®. CardioForLife® is also gluten free, sugar free, sodium free, MSG free, GMO free, lactose free, animal free, preservative free and nothing artificial. Sonoma Organic Cider 4 packs You can't fake it. Honesty in, honesty out. We use fresh juice from tree- ripened apples. No concentrates, ever. Beyond that, we hand select small, organic apples. We find the most vivid, concentrated flavors live there. Then it's a question of balance. Each cider starts with a vision – an idea nursed, through artist's alchemy, to fruition. Generous does of time, trial and expectation yield all-natural, certified organic ciders. Intentional choices. Just rewards. Available in three surprisingly distinct flavors, apple, bourbon, and pear. Dr-Cow Tree Nut Cheese Our cheese is made from 100% raw certified organic nuts. First we carefully select the nuts and seeds, then we mix the raw nuts with our own home-made acidophilus and a little royal pink himalayan salt (one of the best salts available in the market!). Thus we have made nut curd by applying the same procedures for making traditional dairy-based cheese! Our cheeses are made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. 100% dairy free, no gluten, no casein, no soy and lactose free, 100% organic and vegan! We are Certified Organic by CCOF. Lakewood Super Beet Juice Lakewood Super Beet provides essential micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help: Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure and Normal Blood Flow. Assist Bone Development and Healthy Functioning Kidneys. Support the Immune System, Maintain Normal Glucose & Cholesterol Levels. Promote Normal Cell Growth and Keep Eyes & Skin Healthy. Improve Iron Absorption and Maintain Strong Healthy Teeth & Gums. Support the Digestive System and Provide Healthful Nutrients for Every Stage of Life. $29.00 $9.99 $5.99 $9.99 $10.19 - $12.49 $7.99 or $8.29 $4.59 $34.99 $5.59 $4.99

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