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58 Since 2013, things have been looking up for the Colorado Avalanche. Patrick Roy took over as head coach, and former players Joe Sakic and Adam Foote rejoined the team as general manager and a defensive coach, respectively. Now, after combining the old blood with the enthusiasm of the new blood, the Avalanche is unearthing an energy that brought the franchise a couple of Stanley Cups back when the Roy-Sakic-Foote trio was playing. We talked to several players on the team to find out what keeps them at the top of their game, asking about diet, exercise and downtime. The lesson we gleaned from these conversations is that, regardless of age, finding an eating and exercise plan that works for you and having the discipline to stick with it helps to ensure overall success. Hobbies, and time with family and friends, also joined a healthy lifestyle in the players' hat-trick of life. We hope that you can, within the next four pages, find some inspiration from your hometown, champion hockey team to fine-tune your own healthy lifestyle. rink avalanche comeback Means Leadership, Hard Work, growth & Winning ON THE B ON THE B by Courtney Messenbaugh

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