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38 nutrition – "Diet plays a big role with your skin," says Ivy Bishop- McClure, assistant aesthetics director at the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in Denver. "Eat more healthy fats like avocados and reduce caffeine intake because it can be very dehydrating." To keep hair and skin moisturized, the body should be hydrated, preferably with water. Women should increase their intake of Omega 3 and 6 foods and start taking a fish oil supplement, says Lee. stress reduction – "Women should also try their best to unwind," says Lee. Hair loss and skin problems can be a response to stress. Exercise – During exercise, there is increased blood flow throughout the body, which nourishes the skin. Exercise also helps release endorphins that can reduce stress. hormone balance – Hormones are in flux during and post- menopause. Lower estrogen levels can cause hair and skin to thin. Aging women should kick the tobacco habit, because it further reduces estrogen levels. Lee also recommends some of his female patients take a DHEA supplement to replace declining hormones produced by the body's adrenal glands, as well as receive bioidenticals, a "natural hormone therapy." Both should be taken under doctor supervision. by Andrea Juarez AGING gracefully Many women these days look younger than their years. Some might have been blessed with good genes, but most women aging g r a c e f u l l y d o s o t h r o u g h w i s e l i f e s t y l e c h o i c e s , says Dr. William Lee of Age Management M.D. Women's Health Consultants. Below are some recommendations from Lee and others on how you, too, can fend off the signs of aging that often strike the skin and hair. simple changes can Lead to supple skin & shiny Hair

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