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assage You to Know ume may smell beautiful, ork in close proximity to n hour, it can get a little We prefer you wait until ffi ce to put it on. Some of s have allergies to perfume, air out smells sometimes. no obligation to talk to ssage. If talking helps you eans go ahead. Otherwise, go place. 8. your butt is not cute, big, It's a big muscle, and we you have problems in your ances are that your gluteal volved with that as well. We glutes with a sheet covering ou more comfortable, but f silly not to work on some muscles in the body. By Kelli Boylen 7. Even if you are comfortable with nudity, we don't want to see it. We are trained on how to properly drape clients to protect your modesty and ours. Just because we are comfortable with the sides of your buttocks, doesn't mean we want to see anything else. We have had extensive training in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology (the study of muscles and movement), pathology, and ethics. If we forget that you may not know all the same terminology we have learned, please ask us what we mean. We know where your medial malleolus is (that's your ankle bone on the inside of your leg), but if you haven't heard of that before, please ask. your medical condition since you were here last time, it is important that you tell us. If you tell us halfway through a deep-tissue massage that you are taking blood thinners, we are going to be thinking "uh-oh" in our heads. 9. less pressure. We are happy to oblige, and won't take offense. In fact, we love it if you tell us what you like and don't like as we go along— it helps us to individualize your massage to what you want and need. 10. Body Sense 5 Tell us if you want more or 11. Yes, we put clean sheets on the table for every client. session, our job is to do bodywork. Your job is to relax. We love the tranquil look people get after their massage, so leave your worries somewhere else and leave your muscles to us. tell us why. Sometimes a client doesn't return and we have no idea if we did something wrong or if you are just busy. 12. 13. 14. If you have had a change in If you are happy with what we do, tell your friends. We love referrals. your massage! We love our work and hope you do, too. B 15. S Kelli Boylen is a student massage therapist and author of the blog Boylen Over, a blog of life experiences at This piece originally appeared on If you are unhappy, please During the massage Finally, enjoy

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