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Autumn 2011

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15 Things Your Ma Therapist Wants how cool you think that word sounds, your massage therapist probably doesn't like it. Massage parlor is rather outdated as well. In years past, some "massage parlors" were really fronts for sex shops and I did not take out student loans and complete more than 850 hours of training to be associated with prostitution. Trust me—I'm pretty serious about it. Jokes about "happy endings" are outdated as well. 1. 2. Please be on time. We really like to work on you for the entire scheduled time. We often have another client coming in right after you, so it is unlikely for us to work on you past the scheduled appointment time. 3. I am not a masseuse, and, no matter 4. us during a mas relax, by all me to your happy p 5. We don't care about the stubble on your legs. Unless a leg is shaved within a few hours of your massage, it has stubble on it. We don't mind, and we are not going to fl ip out about leg hair. You don't hear men apologizing for the stubble on their faces? And that stubble is actually rough (although that doesn't bother us either). As long as you are reasonably clean, we're all good. small, or sexy. I like muscles. If lower back, cha muscles are inv can work your g if that makes yo it seems kind of of the biggest m 6. Your perfu but since we wo you for about an overwhelming. you leave our of our other clients and it's hard to You have To us, 4 Body Sense

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