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T he word probiotic has become very popular in the last few years, but why? I believe it has a lot to do with all of the media attention probiotics have been getting. This attention has a lot to do with all of the research coming out showing the amazing benefits these special types of beneficial bacteria can offer a person. The word "Probiotic" broken down simply means "Pro – Life". Probiotics are a classification of bacteria that are considered beneficial to the human body and are broken down into two primary species Lactobacilli and Bifido bacteria. There are many others as well. They are not like vitamins that absorb rather, they are organisms that once ingested hope to take up residence in the digestive system making and keeping you healthy. Probiotics do many important things such as: • Make digestive enzymes • Make vitamins and minerals • Defend your body against harmful bacteria and other invaders • Stimulate a positive response of your immune system • Provides valuable amino acids • Much, much more Current research even shows how these amazing bacteria can help you lose excess weight. One of the forms of probiotic bacteria has even been nicknamed the "Skinny Bacteria". It's not a surprise that beneficial probiotic bacteria have been shown in research to support your body in such amazing ways. If you think about it, these are kind of like pets. I know it sounds funny. I mean you have to nourish them with the right foods (fiber from fruits and vegetables and probiotics that contain prebiotic inulin). You have to provide hydration by drinking the right amount of water and, believe it or not, you have to provide emotional support. There is research that has shown that pet owners live longer and each of us are pet owners of trillions of pets totally reliant on us to nourish and to support them properly by the way we eat and live. I know that the emotional support point I just made may sound odd, but hear me out on this. Stress is a silent killer. The gut has been referred to as the 2nd brain by researchers like Dr. Michael Gershon. There are more neurons in and serotonin produced in the gut than in your main brain. This means that the gut is a very cognitive environment. You have heard the phrases like "….gut feeling…" and "….tied up in knots…." Right? Well, I believe this is not a mistake. See stress can cause a number of physiological responses by the body. It can most certainly disrupt the environment of the digestive system. Probiotics not only supports elements of digestion but also supports elements of cognitive health by supporting the 2nd brain (the Gut). I mention all of this because about three years ago, I was diagnosed with a disease called "Ulcerative Colitis" (UC for short). This is an autoimmune disease that attacks the colon and destroys the tissues causing a lot of serious problems and, if Probiotics Can Be Life Changing by Jason Mitchell, N.D. Page 14| Abby's Magazine -

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