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Page 4 | Abby's Magazine - Abby's Magazine EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Abby Sayler ASSISTANT EDITOR: Victor Karydis MANAGING EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis DESIGN DIRECTOR: Megan Locke ASSISTANT WEST COAST: Stacy Goodner PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: MKGraphics DIGITAL EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis WEB DESIGN & HOSTING: Infoswell Media ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITOR: Rob Thompson Date of Publication: September /October 2014, Volume 2 Issue 5 Abby's Mag is published six times a year (every other month) by Abby's Health and Nutrition and Abbys Mag: 14374 N. Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33618 P: (813) 264-4400. Via e-mail: To be notified about the latest issue of Abby's Magazine send an email to: Subject line: "Add me to Abby's Magazine email list." We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. The health content in Abby's Mag is intended to inform, not prescribe or advise, and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice and care of a qualified health care and/or health nutrition professional. We appreciate your comments and feedback, send by email to: Cover Photograph © Seanyu | - Blue Crab Photo Mission Statement: Educate, empower and enable you to discover your personal path to preventative medicine and lifelong optimal health! In This Issue Around 400 BC, Hippocrates is said to have named masses of cancer cells – Karkinos – Greek for crab. Why? • Both the hard shell of the crab and malignant tumors are rock hard • The crab's pinch and tumors induce pain • The crab and cancer have tenacity Few medical dangers generate as much fear as cancer. Cancer represents a kind of bodily treason, a physiological betrayal. Our focus in this issue takes a look at the latest research on how to lower your risk and ways to minimize your chances of contracting this dreaded condition. Hopefully, you will be inspired to follow some common sense ideas to optimize your health, increase your energy, and raise your enjoyment of daily living. From the Desk of our Executive Editor - Abby Sayler Table of Contents 3 – Ask Abby 5 – Cancer Weaponry 6 – 10 Tips for Fighting Cancer 8 – Abby's Favorites 10 – Cancer Killing - Essentials 12 – Anti-Cancer Lifestyle 13 – Cancer Protection from Quercetin 14 – Breast Cancer Update 16 – Research on Sea Cucumber Angiostop 18 – Attention Sun Worshipers 21 – Micronutrients May Reduce Risk in Hormone Replacement Therapy 22 – From Our Café 23 – Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer 24 – HRT with Myomin - A Better Choice! 25 – CHI Health 26 – Cancer in Your Pets 28 – Keeping Men Comfortable 30 – Pancreatic Cancer Progress Case Reports 32 – Cancer Outlook 34 – Cancer Immunity 36 – Bike, Dance, Walk or Run Away from Cancer 37 – Micro Nutrients, Macro Protection

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