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26 D onna McIntyre, a 30-year meditation practitioner and volunteer at Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center, says, "The purpose of meditation is not to calm down but to become more aware." Composure is merely a byproduct of this heightened awareness. Mindfulness, focusing on the present moment with curiosity and acceptance, also has been associated with increased self-esteem, resilience, empathy and overall well-being. McIntyre, who holds a Master's degree in Contemplative by Maribeth Neelis Postnatal Mindfulness Meditation M e d i t a t i o n e v o k e s i m a g e s o f solitude, but it actually can have a positive impact on your interpersonal relationships and interactions. One possible explanation: mindfulness meditation increases self-awareness. More than beautiful legs. Healthy legs. Get rid of unsightly spider and varicose veins, along with the heavy feeling in your legs that increases as the day progresses. Customized multi-modality treatment plans • Sclerotherapy • Foam • Radiofrequency • Microphlebectomy • Ambulatory phlebectomy • Laser No stitches. No downtime. No varicose veins. Our experienced board-certified, fellow-trained Interventional Radiologists have performed thousands of these procedures. Most insurance plans cover varicose veins. Call for your free consultation now. 720.493.3406

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