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Abby's Magazine - March / April 2014 |Page 5 ASK Abby ASK Abby I have just purchased 5HTP from your store for my daughter's depression and anxiety before her period. For best results should she start taking it 10 days before her period or should she take it everyday? She takes a multivitamin everyday and primrose oil 10 days before her period. Really appreciate your help in this matter. - Maureen Dear Maureen, Although she could take it daily, if she only gets depressed and anxious prior to her period, I think it may help. Your daughter may have estrogen dominance in the postovulatory phase of her cycle. This often causes depression and anxiety, irritability, bloating, etc. "Myomin" by Dr. Chi has helped many of my clients get rid of the PMS depression. Two to three caps two times a day may remove her symptoms. Your daughter should be on flax or fish oil to balance the Omega 6 primrose oil she is taking. Let me know how she is doing. Sincerely, Abby My 10 year old daughter is suffering from extreme fear of everything from insects to dogs. She is on asthma medication and has many allergies. She also craves carbohydrates and has insomnia. - Kevin Hi Kevin, Your daughter may be severely deficient in the B vitamins. I recommend a co-enzymated B complex that she would take upon rising in the morning and another at 3pm in the afternoon. A product called "Moducare" may help her with her allergies. She could take 2 or 3 with her B vitamins and at bedtime. Craving carbs may be due to blood sugar imbalances which can also interrupt her sleep. I recommend balancing each of her meals and snacks by including protein, a healthy fat and fiber (such as flaxseed meal). You may contact me if you have questions. Sincerely, Abby I take the Vitamin Code multivitamin and omega 3 fish oil. I'd like to add calcium/ magnesium to my daily vitamins, since I am Asian and lactose intolerant. I'm worried about osteoporosis, what do you recommend? Thank you. - Maylee Dear Maylee, I am not an advocate for calcium supplementation unless it is from a food source, such as algae, if osteopenia or osteoporosis has been determined. Eating lots of organic greens will supply calcium. It is important to know your Vitamin D3 level as Vitamin D assists calcium into the bone. Also, magnesium is important for absorption of calcium. So, I do recommend additional magnesium if you are osteoporotic. Bone health is dependent upon proper hormone balance. Low progesterone or low testosterone will impede osteoblasts (new bone cells) which replace the old bone. If you find this is the case, taking "Myomin" helps raise progesterone and testosterone levels. Call for additional questions. Sincerely, Abby I had an adrenal stress profile in December. The test shows I have abnormally high levels of cortisol throughout the day. The normal range on the test was 23nM to 42nM and mine was 43! Over the past four years, I've noticed changes in my body composition (especially weight gain around my middle despite an excellent diet and an exercise program). I've managed to reduce stress in my life and my current job is less stressful than my previous position, but I feel I need to take supplements to control my cortisol levels. - Gilbert Dear Gilbert, There are a number of excellent adrenal renewal and support products. Adrenal Health by Gaia and Adrenal Optimizer by Jarrow are excellent. You should take one upon wakening, wait 30 minutes before eating and take another at 3pm sharp! (the adrenals are on a biological clock) To assist in shedding your abdominal fat, I highly recommend "Myomin" which will help raise your testosterone by blocking the aromatase enzyme, which you are producing in your mid section fat. Sincerely, Abby Abby offers Free Consultations - Please call (813) 996-6999 Monday - Friday from 10 am - Noon to make your appointment Do you have a question for Abby? Send your inquires to: Did You Know? Abby's was founded in 1997 in an 1800 sq. foot space with three employees. Abby's currently employs 40+ awesome people. Abby's is dedicated to supporting local independent farmers & other health organizations. Abby's does not support products that contain Genetically Engineered Foods, hormones, antibiotics, artificial coloring or sweeteners.

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