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Page 4 | Abby's Magazine - Abby's Magazine EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Abby Sayler ASSISTANT EDITOR: Victor Karydis MANAGING EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis DESIGN DIRECTOR: Megan Locke ASSISTANT EAST COAST: Lauren Valdes ASSISTANT WEST COAST: Stacy Goodner PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION: MKGraphics DIGITAL EDITOR: Peter Kaye Karydis ASSOCIATE DIGITAL EDITOR: Rob Thompson Date of Publication: March / April 2014, Volume 2 Issue 2 Abby's Mag is published six times a year (every other month) by Abby's Health and Nutrition and Abbys Mag: 14374 N. Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33618 P: (813) 264-4400. Via e-mail: To be notified about the latest issue of Abbys Magazine send an email to: Subject line: "Add me to Abbys Magazine email list." We do not make our mailing list available to other companies. The health content in Abby's Mag is intended to inform, not prescribe or advise, and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice and care of a qualified health care and/or health nutrition professional. We appreciate your comments and feedback, send by email to: Cover Photograph ©Yuri Arcurs | Mission Statement: Educate, empower and enable you to discover your personal path to preventative medicine and lifelong optimal health! In This Issue Obesity Epidemic This issue of Abby's Mag addresses the ever rising epidemic of overweight and obesity at all ages. An impressive team of experts spent the last two years examining obesity- promoting forces globally and published their findings in The Lancet. It will take many, many years, a slew of different tactics and the political will to overcome powerful lobbying by culpable industries to turn this problem around. Just as the decline in smoking did not happen overnight, a reduction in the rates of overweight and obesity will take a while. All of us need to take action now, before the increase in life expectancy that Americans now enjoy is reversed by obesity-caused diseases. From the Desk of our Executive Editor - Abby Sayler Table of Contents 3 – Eat Mindfully, Lose Weight 5 – Ask Abby 8 – Ten Health Consequences of Being Overweight 10 – Discover the Belly Fat and Cortisol Connection 11 – How the Stress Hormone Cortisol Affects Weight Loss 12 – The Blood Type Diet and Weight Loss 14 – Overweight Children 15 – Obesity Linked to Technology 16 – How Sleep Loss Adds to Weight Gain 18 – Is Junk Food Addictive? 21 – Weight Loss Tips 22 – What is Leptin/ Leptin Resistance? 24 – Abby's Favorites 26 – GMO Update 29 – From Our Café 30 – PetVet - Body Weight Management and Weight Loss

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