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Abby's Magazine - March / April 2014 | Page 21 Weight Loss Tips 5 Workout Tips: 1. Work out with intensity! If you don't like to work out, then this p should be great news! Research shows exercise intensity, not dura on is the key to burning fat for longer periods of me. Who doesn't want to burn fat while you sleep?! 2. Drink more water. Americans are dehydrated. We consume everything BUT water. Coffee, soda, diet soda, energy drinks, and juice can pack on the pounds and halt your weight loss results. Drinking more water flushes toxins from our body, promotes cellular healing, aids in diges on and elimina on, and can even fight hunger and cravings. 3. Consume a post-workout snack like a high-quality protein shake. My clients know my #1 rule – don't ruin your workout by not ea ng! Fuel your muscle with a protein shake blended with frozen fruits within 20 minutes of your workout. You will burn fat and feel more sa sfied. 4. More is not be er. Don't think you have to be a star athlete to get in a great workout. 10 minutes a day of high intensity exercise using your own body weight or resistance bands is effec ve and most importantly, safe. Start with a quick workout 3x a week and implement yoga 2-3x a week to add flexibility, core strength, and balance. 5. Track your progress. Keeping a diet and exercise journal sounds elementary. I can assure you it has been the most important factor in s cking to a healthy lifestyle. There is something about physically wri ng down what you eat, how you are feeling and your workouts. Be sure to show it to your accountability partner (physician, personal trainer, or friend) weekly. I have an online diet and exercise tracker that holds my clients accountable and allows them to have access to new weekly workouts and nutri on recipe videos. 5 Tips to Start Losing Weight Today A er working with thousands of clients, I realize one of the most common struggles people have with healthy nutri on and weight loss is ea ng more frequently throughout the day. Skipping breakfast or only ea ng 1-2 mes per day can lead to fa gue, sugar or salt cravings, and over-ea ng (especially at night). Set yourself up for success by following my top 3 ps for healthy weight loss. 1. Eat breakfast - research shows consuming a high quality protein shake first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism by 25%! My Fit Shake not only has the highest quality protein on the market, it has 6.1 grams of branched chain amino acids, 200mg of an oxidants and a full b-vitamin complex. It's gluten-free, soy-free, has NO ar ficial sweeteners, fillers or preserva ves. And, it tastes like a vanilla milkshake! 2. Stop thinking of ea ng "meals" as sit-down, large-por on, energy-draining events! Instead, start thinking of food in terms of small-plates, small-por ons, whole food, energy-DRIVNG fuel for your body! 3. Perfect pairing. Let's be honest - it would be nearly impossible to never eat a carb again for the rest of your life. Instead, learn to eat the right kind of carbs at the right me of day to leave you feeling sa sfied, full of energy, and burning fat for fuel so you can finally maintain your weight loss results for a life me. 4. Start ea ng foods without labels. We all know processed food is unhealthy. But, it's frustra ng to learn that even foods labeled as "natural" can contain sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats. My general rule is to start ea ng more whole foods, or foods that don't come in a wrapper or container! Fruits, veggies, lean meats, raw nuts and seeds, and healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado are a great place to start. 5. Accountability is key. Research shows accountability is the #1 determining factor in successful long-term weight loss programs. I recommend a physician-supervised program with weekly weigh- ins and periodic body fat analysis. I offer a supervised program at my office, Blast Fitness and Performance Center. Remember to surround yourself with suppor ve friends and family that encourage healthy choices. 6902 West Linebaugh Ave Tampa Fl 33626 w: e: p: 813-475-6472 By Dr. DelRae Messer, D.C.

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