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4 Fall 2009 You Are the Doll: Erik Davis on Dollhouse 34 44 Table of Contents 12 Stephen Hawking: "Humans Have Entered a New Stage of Evolution" 13 The Ever Smarter Home: Powered by Negawatts 13 Classy Optical Company Takes Pictures of Your Brain 14 Andy Droid: Your Sex Doll Has Arrived 14 Cool Machine for Your Organs is Not Cold 15 DARPA Funds Nano-UAV Hummingbird 16 AI Can Bots Feel Joy? 18 FOREVER YOUNG Open Source Medicine as the Next Insanely Great Thing 20 BIO The End of the Beginning: Biotech Enters A New Phase 22 ENHANCED My New Sense Organ 28 Real Virtuality: Augmented Reality Blurs the Line Between the Real and Virtual 48 Cyborg Buddha: Science and Spirit 50 The Psychedelic Transhumanists The Neurology of Spiritual Experience: A Conversation with Andrew Newberg Courtesy of Greg Gayne/FOX

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